AroJin United 4 - 5 [a.e.t] Grilled Birds
Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 1725 September 2002 04:30 HTT
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AroJin UnitedGrilled Birds
Ding Chi-wen (24)
Stefan Sidenén (41)
Jiang Chen-Khang (45)
Gao Ji-chuu (89)
Svarpati Attimarad (45)
Bert Persson (64)
Daniel Tellskär (65)
Gao Seng-kar (89)
Kau Siu-Cheung (106)

AroJin Ouster
Four Goal Fightback

League 28's AroJin United participated in a nine-goal extravangaza with Grilled Birds, and the paltry six hundred fans who bought tickets to the game were rewarded with a night to remember. Portuguese goalie Bertolin was handed the gloves for the game, but appeared to have made a mess of his prospects as AroJin raced to three goals.
Bertolin was just slow to handle a long pass down the middle, as he would have been the first to it by a comfortable margin had he come out immediately. He stood his ground and let rushing midfielder Ding Chi-wen come, until he had no hope as Chi-wen struck the bouncing ball into the roof of the net. Tellskär tracked Gerpe Landín doggedly and was booked for hanging on literally to the Frenchman. Kau Siu-Cheung made the perfect saving tackle as the last man as Chen-Khang threatened to peel away from him, though Sidenén made it just a gesture when he gathered the rolling ball and thumped it in off the post.

Grilled were withering under AroJin's might. Bertolin atoned for his earlier laxness by closing Irfan Bakti down in a flash after his defence had been fooled by a timely dummy. He didn't last another minute, as Siu-Cheung was left for dead by winger Jiang Chen-Khang's 180-degree turn. Another tight swerve took him across Bertolin, and Chen-Khang had the ball in the net before the goalie could recover. Attimarad saved Grilled some face by trapping a pounded pass nicely and reducing the deficit, but Grilled were in a poorly way at half-time.

Age got its due when Bert Persson staked out an empty left side, moving in in concert with his team-mates unnoticed. When the pass came, he was well prepared and left Sheung-lam standing with a looker of a lob. Daniel Tellskär bypassed the build-up when he was handed the ball after the restart, drawing a bead on the top left corner and making his thirty-metre fireball count.

As the friendly drew towards added time, Gao Seng-kar changed his direction abruptly and incredibly passed through two watchers. An instant shot zoomed by the despairing goalkeeper, and it was certainly an effort worthy of winning such a cracker of a match. AroJin came back from the dead as Chen-Khang took off like the wind, sprinting unopposed down the right until he could cut in and deliver a honed pass that was directed on to Gao Ji-chuu. The midfielder found the gap between Bertolin and the post to extend the contest.

Grilled could still have finished it in regular time, as three attackers surrounded Gao Yen-jhy in his penalty area. The beleagured defender tried to get away with giving up a throw-in, but Xing Hua retained the ball and then hit it into the sky. Fullback Jiang Yu-Ming jostled Hobson as they wrestled for the falling ball, earning a yellow card. He went off anyway as his extertions brought on acute cramps in his thighs.

Sixteen minutes into extra time, Kau Siu-Cheung found that extra spring in his feet to jump for a head-high pass from midfield. The defender weighted in with an accurate header to supply the finale.

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