Uridium Skara Brae 6 - 1 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 3806 May 2009 11:30 HTT
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Uridium Skara Brae
Grilled Birds
Evgeny Litov (34)
Aleksi Luotola (38)
John Eaton (40)
Aiolos Arfanis (68)
Lewis MacRuer (69)
Alex Tweedie (82)
Weng Seng-Huat (35)

Uridium Useful
Weng Gets One

Not content to fall behind the main team, Grilled's reserve squad contrived to lose their fourth match in a row too, completing perhaps the least successful month ever for Grilled - with 41 goals against and just eight scored, though in fairness most of the goals let in were in friendlies.
Grilled weren't expecting a great result against Scottish Division Three champions Uridium Skara Brae, who have seen a steady rise since beginning in the Fifth Division, never finishing less than second all their leagues so far. Their all-grey kits were a symbol of what was to come, namely a stifling defensive game; their far superior midfield would choke the life out of Grilled's players throughout the match.

Uridium's defensive tenacity was actually quite puzzling given that they were in total control of the match, and could have attacked much more freely than they did. However, old habits die hard, and the hosts refused to commit men forward despite Grilled's utter lack of a threat. Thus, the Birds managed to hold out for 34 minutes, when highly-rated teenage midfielder Evgeny Litov trapped a through pass beautifully, and with youthful exuberance looped it over Bao-Tam.

Few expected Grilled to find their way back, but a bit of direct play by Firdaus saw them win their first corner of the night. Mirchev dropped the ball right on the head of Huihong, who was greatly dismayed to see his free header pushed back by Scottish goalie John Somerville. Weng Seng-Huat saw that coming, though, and hopped in to scramble the equaliser home.

That was merely a short reprive for Grilled, who promptly went behind again, this time thanks to a bad mistake by their goalscorer. Seng-Huat's attempted clearance was as laughable as his earlier instinct was admirable, as he sliced it weakly into the path of the intended target, Aleksi Luotola. Luotola couldn't believe his luck, and took his time to guide the ball past Bao-Tam. Fullback John Eaton would make it 3-1 for Uridium before half-time as he cut in meaningfully to crash his attempt in off the post.

The wet day gave the hosts even more of an advantage, as they were used to the cold conditions, while some of the Grilled players were visibly shivering as they strode off the field. Latvian teenager Ivars Deics was in his element, though, and while Uridium's domination was arguably due to the class of their wide players, Deics was a monster whenever he went after his man.

Eaton's would-be second was kept out by Bao-Tam, who continued to pull out wonderful saves from his locker once in a while. The keeper was unable to do anything when Arfanis launched himself head-first at a waist-high Ástþórsson cross, though, and was left flailing at thin air as Arfanis got to the ball a second first.

Uridium extended their lead further from a Lewis MacRuer penalty after Tuan-Mu was caught holding Litov down in the box, and after another good stop from Arfanis and a run-of-the-mill booking for Mirchev, the hosts closed the game off as the whole Grilled defence went to sleep. Alex Tweedie received the ball unmarked not eight metres out, and kept his cool to tap it under Bao-Tam for the sixth.

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