22 September 2019
Xin Chi Restored

There was much rejoicing at Grilled International this day, as former youth star Li Xin Chi rejoined the side after nearly a full season in Bulgaria with FC Dantes. Li had a tentative offer in place with Romanian VI.532 club Inter Curtea de Arges, but there was no topping International's bid of S$3.3 million, which meant that Li's tuition under Lars Mikaelsson at FC Dantes had cost somewhere in the region of two million.

It was money well spent, according to Roar Olaisen. "Mikaelsson's a world-class trainer, and Li is a significantly improved player from when he left, even though it's barely been a year." His lack of goals wasn't considered an issue either, continued Olaisen. "Li is careful and doesn't waste the ball - he usually makes the right decision, and if it's not to shoot from distance, so be it."

Li will wear the Number 33 with International, a sly hint at his preferred Number Eight in his time at FC Dantes; as for playing time, Olaisen promised that Li would have his fair share. "He's well on track to claiming international caps, and we will be allocating him priority on that basis."

The Busy Bees have been quietly continuing to produce great prospects, and as it happens, they may have one one par with Li on the market. Nasrul bin Hj Kefli has been whispered to have arranged a pre-contract with Slovenian Division Three leaders klokan000, but it remains to be seen if additional options will present themselves.

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