10 January 2013
Just Djan

Grilled unveiled their second signing of the postseason, 31 year-old Brazilian all-rounder forward Djan Bacelar, at The Cooking Pot today. Bacelar's draw was not limited to his versatility, though, as the holder of a UEFA 'B' coaching license will also be involved with training the youth strikers.

The in-demand Number Ten cost S$490000 from Dutch Division Seven club Deejoa Wolves, his only side since moving for a similar amount from Max Power Brasil. He would not leave the Wolves empty-handed, having just snagged the league top scorer award with eight goals for the recently-concluded season.

At least five other clubs made serious approaches, including FC Granit (Ukrainian Division Five), Borussia Jennehausen (German Division Eight), busiler (Chinese Division Five), Krambambulis (Swiss Division Five) and even Romanian top flight team Steaua TGV, but the Birds' reputed offer of both Cup playing time and support for his future coaching ambitions proved too good.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Bacelar were to succeed me as head coach one day." Niculae Stanca quipped of Grilled's first Brazilian outfielder. "He has a real reputation as a leader, and from what I've heard, his attacking mentality suits Grilled to a T. Not only that, I wouldn't count against him nicking a fair few goals in the process either!"

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