15 June 2012
A Boy In His Pomp

Grilled's second, and according to Niculae Stanca, likely final acquisition for the new season is 17 year-old Italian advanced midfielder Pompeo Bellamoli, who despite his tender age already has two previous transfers under his belt; his first move was on a free from his native Trentino side Monte Ozolo to Sardegna's Serpente Piumato to try and get first-team football, but that didn't work out and a transfer to Spain's C.D.Pájaro Loco was on the cards within a month.

Loco's emphasis on quick-tempo passing was more up Bellamoli's alley, and a string of impressive performances, including a slick goal in a recent friendly against N.R.D. of Holland, shot him into the notebooks of international scouts. Grilled wound up fighting off strong interest from Genova club Piedi Storti and Finland's VfL Disney, amongst others, to land Bellamoli for S$315 000.

As with his predecessor Ciro Penati, however, word is that Bellamoli has something of an attitude, though in the opposite way. Unlike the notably outspoken Penati, Bellamoli's reported evasiveness and unwillingness to converse has apparently rubbed several of his peers the wrong way, which has led captain Qassem Madaini to intervene.

"Some may think he's proud, but he's nothing like that at all." Madaini insisted. "He's just a shy lad, but inside he's also fiercely competitive. He won't have a problem with motivation, that's for sure."

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