29 November 2010
Yvan More

Han Lik-Tsun pulled another bunny out of the hat, when he announced that he had bought 29 year-old French midfielder Yvan Lefébure for S$1.67 million from Italian Division Eight club Pudinsan_Ri_Risorge. "Yes, I said that Kim was it. I guess I lied." Han winked. "He's good, though - Portugal's Sport Rio Tinto, and Spain's Galletas Artiach and Inmo VP / Sauga were hot on his heels."

Sources within Grilled have however hinted that Yvan's arrival did little for team harmony, as Grilled now have seven good midfielders on the payroll, not including the transfer-listed Matthias Branbilla. "I heard a few of them asked to speak with the coach for assurances on their place in the first team." an unnamed player was quoted as saying.

While Han refused to reveal his pecking order, he hinted that Grilled would practice rotation. "It's easy to get hit by injuries these days, and important matches might call for four inner midfielders, or even five. I'll be picking players on form and effort, and in any case there are two games a week. Everyone will get a bite of the pie."

Fans appeared to be largely pleased at Grilled's squad depth. "I don't remember the last time we were so stocked in midfield." longtime supporter Mohd Idris said. "At least since we were training them."

"On class alone, former internationals Back, Kim and Dorogan are a step above the others, with Quah getting on." Mohd Idris continued. "However, Back tends to look drained in the second half, unfortunately. Quah and Lefébure will probably be the main substitutes, with Josefsson and Mourão mostly used in the Cup."

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