Even FC 1 - 4 Grilled Birds
League, Season 1918 May 2003 04:30 HTT
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Even FCGrilled Birds
Loong Thanh-long (56)
Miguel Reed (12)
Chen Chiew-Yen (18)
Aznan Noor Yadah (20)
Chen Chiew-Yen (73)

Uneven Matching
Usual Suspects Score

The Birds continued cutting their way through III.16, with Even FC their latest victims as they built up a three-goal lead within twenty minutes. They went without Bao-Tam for the final stages of the match, though, as the steady goalie got himself hurt.
It wasn't even really that exciting of a match, as Even FC's defence fell asleep for Grilled's early goals. For example, Miguel Reed simply strolled forward as the Even backline raised their hands despite the American being obviously onside when the ball left Tellskär's foot, and Reed had all the time in the world to find an angle past Lon-chan.

The hosts hadn't learnt their lesson as Chen pulled the same trick in the 18th minute, and responded by moving their defense even higher up the pitch. That prompted Aznan Noor Yadah to test his speed against Even's ungainly Chen Tzs-Lun, and he passed that with flying colours, putting Grilled three-nil up.

Even FC kept plugging away as Grilled stayed back, and Loong Thanh-long finally gave his fans a modicum of cheer as he held Lan Tuan-Mu off to sidefoot a telling through ball past Bao-Tam. The goalie appeared to pull something sliding into that, and signalled for Tomás Semprún Balenciaga to replace him after a dozen minutes of gingerly walking about.

Grilled responded to that by regaining the offensive, and Chen added another notch to his belt with good interplay with Reed before whipping a shot diagonally across Lon-chan and into the opposite corner of goal.

    Seven Even
    An Apology
    Vectrex Axed
    Strange Snub
    Uneven Matching
    Bao-Tam Fine
    Langen Lances Huel-sheng
    Psychological Training
    Reed Rends Rubiskaya
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