Grilled Birds 2 - 3 Robbie Football Club
League, Season 6603 December 2017 04:30 HTT
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Deserved Champions

Even proud Grilled skipper Moey Xin Seng had to admit that they were second-best today. "Robbie Football Club came with a plan, and they executed it successfully. It was not so much us not taking our chances, as them not allowing us more than a few decent ones to begin with."

With RFC guaranteed promotion with this victory, next season's opener will see -Blitz- take on a new challenger, after they saw ArSenal U21 off by three goals to none to overtake Grilled into second place. Despite the loss, ArSenal will stay on in III.15, with it being Really McCoys who will fall to the fourth division after four seasons in this league, despite starting the day in fifth place.

It would be a poor performance at newbies are newbies that did them in, with the Li Rong Lee-inspired hosts smashing four without reply past McCoys. Ropelearner FC for their part struggled unduly against Cats United, managing only a slim 3-1 win against the whipping boys, but this remained enough for them to get ahead of McCoys on goal difference.

"You never know what's going to happen on final day." Grilled head coach Djan Bacelar mused, before bristling as the subject of his tenure came up again. "I'll go when I'm ready, thank you very much." he snapped.

Farmer Bunnies for their part coasted to a 4-0 win over New East Coast, with in-favour national team defender Kwek Yun Jie showing off his versatility with a 25th minute stunner worthy of any striker. Wide pair Wong Ting Yew and Lau Chang Wan would chip in with goals too, while Liderhan Kadyr ensured he wouldn't end the season empty-handed, thanks to his 38th minute close-up header.

This however left the Buns still six points adrift of Kim Tae Hee FC, and although Sikong Darong feels that they should be able to give them a run for their money come next season, KTH's automatic promotion means that Farmer Bunnies will have to deal with a different obstacle in their bid for Division Two.

Tham Leng Teck for one felt that their rise was long overdue. "Not to sound pompous or anything, but I've been following the top leagues, and I think we'd do fine up a level. KTH were simply a bad matchup for us, personally."

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