St Elmo's Fire 5 - 2 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 6605 December 2017 21:30 HTT
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A Thunder Of Azfar

Grilled skipper Moey Xin Seng voiced what many of his teammates must have been thinking, when he expressed a wish to stay and relax in the bucolic Welsh countryside for a time. "But sadly, we're booked full." he continued. "Hard times make good footballers, so they say."

He also felt that opposite number Adrian Schaefer did a good job in holding the Saints together, during Grilled's period of ascendance in the first half. "We didn't let them off, they toiled to survive back then."

There were no such comments required from the Farmer Bunnies, as they continued parading their style against former Maldives Sapphire Challenger Cup winners, FC Tropic Thunder. Kwek Yun Jie was his usual productive self, as he opened on the counter in the 21st, but it was Sofian Azfar who impressed most, as he burst out of defence time and again, resulting in two good goals.

Tiago Domingos Cansado did however pull one back for the hosts from a corner, which head coach Sikong Darong was unhappy about. "Every goal is precious for us, and we can't be giving them away from set-pieces. Jon Benson knows he'll have to answer for that one."

Grilled International were meanwhile taught a lesson by Estonian side Fc Olwyn, who had just collected their fourth Division Three crown. A rough-and-tumble day saw Fiorenzo Fuligni and Antti Savi go off injured for the hosts, but Sylwester Kobierzycki's deadliness was more than enough to lead Olwyn to a 3-0 result.

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