Nottingham Po 7 - 2 Grilled Birds
International Friendly, Season 6629 November 2017 05:15 HTT
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Risk Of Burnout

Grilled supporters would clamour for golden boy Chan Ze Han to be rested after the trip, as many of them saw signs of overwork creeping into his game.

"He's saturated - all the life has gone out of his play." one forum poster wrote. "I'm not saying to bench him, but does he really have to play on weekends and Wednesdays?"

The Bunnies had no such contentions on their end, as they ripped former Cyprus national cupwinners FC Prugelknabe int 0-5 on their own ground. Currently struggling in the second division, Prugelknabe would put out a pure reserve side against the Buns, with predictable results.

As for Grilled International, there were no wins to be hand, as they first lost 1-3 to Latvian third division club FK Ezerzeme, despite Yao Erguo putting them into the lead from a corner. A 0-7 hiding by Spanish fourth division leaders Unión Deportiva Arroyana then followed, in a special one-off exhibition.

Only ex-Panama international Rafael Mijares getting sent off in the 73rd minute granted International any kind of breathing space, but they would ship two more against ten men. Goalkeeper Azni bin Raimi was not amused.

"If I wanted more shooting practice, I could have just requested for it back home." he noted sardonically.

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