Grilled Birds 7 - 1 Apostate
Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 1819 March 2003 04:30 HTT
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Grilled BirdsApostate
Lan Tuan-Mu (21)
Svarpati Attimarad (29)
Shen Kek-Tjiang (38)
Svarpati Attimarad (38)
Asher Stanton (45)
Miguel Reed (60)
Svarpati Attimarad (78)
Hu Chhong (32)

Season 17W1 - 4Friendly
Season 17W0 - 4Friendly

Apostate Aced
Chhong Cannon

The Birds warmed up for the new season with a friendly at full strength against Apostate, the third between the sides, and the first which Grilled host. The end result remained a resounding victory for Grilled, as the visitors steadily lost steam.
Apostate had finished in mid-table in III.10, which didn't go too far in inspiring them to go beyond themselves against Grilled, who deservedly went two up after half an hour through Tuan-Mu and Attimarad.

Winger Hu Chhong then got one back for Apostate with the pick of the night, a wickedly breaking gem from near the half-way line. Unfortunately, that would count as just one goal, exactly the same as Kek-Tjiang's bread-and-butter finish in the 38th minute, which was followed by similarly routine strikes from Attimarad and Stanton.

With Hobson absent, there was no once to challenge Reed for the free-kick in the 60th minute, which the American successfully lifted over the wall and past a disbelieving Azrul Hisyam. Attimarad then followed in Hobson and Chen's footsteps by completing a hat-trick against Apostate, but not before the Apostate goalie had denied a magnificent lob from him.

That was it as far as goals were concerned, and Zhou Ngoc-Thanh ran into a bit of knee trouble before Mai Chiah-Jen copped the only yellow card of the game for kicking Reed.

    Starry Starry Night
    Roving Off Track
    Xi Rejects Offer
    Repitation In Tatters
    Perfect Ten
    Apostate Aced
    Local Bonding
    Rising Legends
    Tuan-Mu Unreserved
    Team Plus Birds Equals Six
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