Grilled Birds 1 - 2 Meepoks Heroes
Friendly, Season 1631 July 2002 04:30 HTT
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Grilled BirdsMeepoks Heroes
Gai Chanh (37)
Ai Yan-Hao (25)
Ai Yan-Hao (50)

No Bite
Still No Win In Four Matches

Grilled adopted the 3-5-2 formation for the first time in an effort to beef up its possession, and did so successfully. However, the defence suffered as Bao-Tam, Tuan-Mu, Siu-Cheung and Sun-Nee were rested for the next league match.
Dai-Lin was surprisingly comfortable as a wing back, while Chin-shu put up a brave performance alone in defence, though he could not prevent Meepok's Yan-Hao from twice eluding him to score. Being an experimental side, it is no wonder that the side did not click well as a whole, and was reduced to lobbing long balls near the end. Magunsson struggled in his first start as a winger, looking nervous as he participated a tad too strongly in various challenges. Meepok had the bulk of the chances, and ran out worthy winners.

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