The Cousins 1 - 1 Grilled Birds
League, Season 1628 July 2002 04:30 HTT
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The CousinsGrilled Birds
Yang Chun-Hin (68)
Tim Hobson (34)

All Even Again
Debut Goal For Hobson

This match against The Cousins showed off Grilled Birds' vastly improved defence, but again displayed the fralities in inner midfield. Gai Chanh was little more effective than Yin-xiang was in the previous match, if somewhat rougher, while Chin-shu did nothing to redeem himself, especially after missing a sitter in the third minute. The play was generally evenly distributed, though Grilled showed more industry in the first half.
Tim Hobson received some brickbats for his physical play which cumulated in a yellow card in the 26th minute, but certainly repaid his S$12500 fee when he confidently put the ball past Miao Sie-Chye in the 34th minute. Grilled simply lacked the killer instinct, however, and several good chances went begging. As with against Casilium, the Cousins scored on about their only chance of a quiet second half to deny Grilled Birds their first league win.

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    Huel-sheng Leaves
    All Even Again
    On The Bright Side
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    The Three Keepers
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    Worrying Showing
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