West Ham Utd F.C 6 - 0 Grilled Birds
Friendly, Season 1624 July 2002 04:30 HTT
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West Ham Utd F.CGrilled Birds
Amrie bin Sofian (34)
Wan Rohaimi Alias (38)
Henno Wagner (42)
Wan Rohaimi Alias (60)
Henno Wagner (76)
Peter Gustavsson (79)

Worrying Showing
Tamed By Hamsters

Grilled Birds had six goals hammered past them in their first friendly held at West Ham Utd F.C Arena, having accepted the invitation from the team in its neighbouring league IV.12. From the start, Grilled's weak midfield was exposed, especially since West Ham played with a 3-5-2 formation. The hapless midfield duo of Chin-shu and Yin-Xiang, who at 26 and 28 years old do not have the youngest of legs, was outnumbered and outclassed by West Ham's Siong-Gek, Wagner and bin Sofian in the center of the park.
Dogged defending kept West Ham out for 34 minutes, when West Ham were given a soft penalty after Alias went down after a light tug. This took the heart out of the team, and was followed by two goals in just nine minutes. Grilled came out of the tunnel looking dispirited in the second half, and never looked dangerous despite having 46 percent possession overall.

Dai-Lin was starved of the ball as he slogged down the right flank, and Attimarad's acceleration was nowhere to be seen on the muddy pitch. Chiew-Yen did show some nice touches though he never got sight of goal, and Tuan-Mu again turned in a starwalt performance. Huel-Sheng did well to deny Alias a hat-trick and keep the scoreline decent. Unfortunately, if the team as a whole played better than their last draw, it was still badly devoid of real creativity and ideas.

    No Bite
    Huel-sheng Leaves
    All Even Again
    On The Bright Side
    Ong Tan Rises To The Fore
    The Three Keepers
    Magunsson And Hobson Arrive
    The Big Signing
    Worrying Showing
    I Told You So
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