Grilled Birds 5 - 0 archpool
Cup (Round 4), Season 1801 January 2003 04:30 HTT
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Grilled Birdsarchpool
Rafael García Sole (4)
Rafael García Sole (5)
Chen Chiew-Yen (20)
Tim Hobson (37)
Ma Dai-Lin (69)

Season's Greetings archpool
New Year's Treat

Rafael García Sole made the festivities start and Ma Dai-Lin provided the cracker at the end. Division Three Cup opponents archpool were wiped out as they used a seldom-seen 4-3-3 that Grilled's five midfielders immediately strangled out from the starting whistle.
The fans were not hoping for much as archpool were on a four game run of big wins, but Sole clearly hadn't read up on their streak as he got a brace within five minutes. He took full credit for the first with above-average balance that let him stay on his feet, and once he had beaten the last defender he wrongfooted archpool's custodian Yee-chun with a try aimed at the near post. He was just lucky a minute later, as a backheader by a defender went to him a metre in front of goal.

Chen Chiew-Yen made it three-nil following a charge from the puffed-up Sole, Kau starting the whole move after he had bitten the dirt from Ragnarsson's painful challenge. Hobson charmed the fans with an individual dribble from the half-way line, Pence teased with an off-target rocket, and Ragnarsson became the victim of a tackle from the side by Sun-Nee all before the first half closed.

archpool had their noses out of joint, and Tim Hobson got in a few more shots that the goalkeeper and woodwork got to. Ma Dai-Lin was blessed in comparism as a pass across goal got the slightest of diversions by a defender's boots, leaping cheerfully into goal.

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