Grilled Birds 9 - 0 Focus
League, Season 1812 January 2003 04:30 HTT
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Grilled BirdsFocus
Ricard Machado (3)
Tim Hobson (7)
Chai Yew-Hoe (20)
Zhan Ju-Hau (20)
Chen Chiew-Yen (68)
Tim Hobson (83)
Tim Hobson (84)
Tim Hobson (90)
Tim Hobson (90)

Royally Flushed
Confidence Booming Before The Big One

Grilled limbered up for the most improbable of cup ties with former Cup champions Hattrick all the time with a big scoreline against hapless FlusH_U_DowN. Despite fielding auxillary midfielders Yew-Hoe and Magunsson, Grilled looked sharp and pierced the FlusH_U_DowN defence in the opening minutes, with Yew-Hoe showing insight as he poked the ball accurately to Machado, who made the finish look simple. Hobson took little time to get into the action, flowing past bin Abd Rashid for the second. The twentieth minute saw two goals scored as Chai Yew-Hoe capped off a brilliant twenty minutes with a confident volley, before Zhan Ju-Hau equalled his feat straight from the restart against a shocked defence. Flush_U_DowN then collapsed into defence, styming further efforts as Grilled seemed to have lost their hunger. The only action worth mentioning for the remainder of the half was the unwarranted yellow that Ricard Machado received for taking a free kick early.
It took some time for Grilled to get back into rhythm, but the floodgates again opened in the 68th minute with Chen Chiew-Yen's mercurial contribution. His improved running quickly became hobbled as he suffered an accidental twist to his ankle, but in a magical finish to the game Tim Hobson simply took over as he hit a further four, two of them in the dying seconds, sending the fans into rapture. He began with a bold long shot which eluded out-of-position goalie Ki-Tong, then ran Hubbuck ragged for his hattrick. If FlusH_U_DowN thought that their troubles were over after Ki-Tong denied Yew-Hoe a brace in the eighty-eighth minute, they could not have been further from the truth as Hobson added not one but two more goals through almost identical solo dribbles, making the defence look like a bunch of clumsy schoolboys enjoying a late afternoon kickabout.

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