Pressholisi 0 - 9 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 4), Season 2615 June 2005 04:30 HTT
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PressholisiGrilled Birds
Ola Martinsson (8)
Ola Martinsson (23)
Ola Martinsson (31)
Jan Langeland (37)
Marcus Liehner (37)
Lee Jie Siong (43)
Jan Langeland (57)
Ola Martinsson (64)
Jan Langeland (72)

Attack Overwhelming
So Siong

Pressholisi's defence had seen them conceding only one goal in the first three Cup rounds, but it could not save second-choice goalkeeper Yong Soon Eng from having nine hammered past him in ninety minutes. Not that regular No. 1 Achille Heffner could have done much better, with Martinsson and Langeland in that sort of mood.
Pressholisi deployed four very respectable defenders who stuck to glue to Grilled's forward men in the early minutes, though there was always going to be fouls with that sort of close contact. Kamarulzaman bin Elias stepped on Han Kok's foot as the latter was shielding the ball, and Liehner deliberated over the free-kick before striding over it for Martinsson to take.

Martinsson's poor luck of late from dead balls had become a running joke in the dressing rooms, so his inch-perfect curler would do much to snuff them out. Soon Eng moved in the right direction, but was metres away when the ball crossed into goal. Martinsson hit the second in after the 1.92m tall Ong Jin Kum totally lost his balance while covering him, and had his hat-trick just after half an hour with Stanton the assistant.

The bulk of the forty thousand fans were not accustomed to such scores, and were omniously silent after the third went in. Long-suffering captain Seto Tan tried to lift his side with biting tackles in midfield, but one went awry and had Falkbo flat on his back. That invited a straight yellow for the 26 year-old.

Langeland was self-sufficient when he ran right at Ong in the 37th minute, forcing the poor defender into an unwise back-pass that Langeland picked on. Coach-to-be Marcus Liehner knocked in his second in only four appearances, when the disappointing Borup sent just about his best ball of the afternoon long to the German.

Latest sensation Lee Jie Siong entered the record books as Grilled's youngest ever scorer, as the barely 17 year-old kid from Clementi branched out from midfield to lap up an infield pass from Austrian winger Alen Špoljarevic. He passed one defender before tucking it low under Soon Eng to an ovation from the bench.

Langeland brought out Soon Eng's top save of the day when he sprang to head a Martinsson corner, and the long kick out of the box gave Xavier García a half-chance to win some face for his club. Bona was on hand, however, and some frantic short-tugging by Garcia had him follow his skipper into the referee's blacklist.

Three more goals were scored in the coming half, with Pressholisi not venturing past midfield. Langeland had two of them to complete his own treble, sandwiching Martinsson's 64th minute slice in between.

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