FeMaiden 0 - 8 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 3), Season 2608 June 2005 04:30 HTT
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FeMaidenGrilled Birds
Terkel Borup (23)
Quah Han Kok (23)
Jan Langeland (31)
Jan Langeland (31)
Jan Langeland (58)
Quah Han Kok (79)
Ola Martinsson (80)
Ola Martinsson (82)

FeMaidens Ferment
Two For Quah

Grilled had the good fortune to be drawn against another rudderless team, with Pulau Ubin-based FeMaiden sent packing 0-8. Their 4-5-1 predicated a slow beginning to the third round Cup tie, but when both Borup and Han Kok burst their net in the 23rd minute there was no saving them.
Stanton sulked at right-back where he had precious little to do, while Paullin was allowed the right wing despite having already played against Herron on Sunday. Barbour helped out a bit on the left, and the highlight of his game was his swashbuckling run in the 31st minute when he slashed past FeMaiden's Jörgen Hansson and swung in a strong cross.

Langeland decided to take it with his right foot rather than rise to get a head onto it, and was rewarded when his shot diverted off an unwary defender past FeMaiden's Swiss goalie Alain Kei Richli. Richli would be beaten again within seconds, as Paullin slid in to take the ball off Soh Wai Kok and set Langeland up for an unstoppable volley.

Martinsson certainly seemed to have fallen into Langeland's shadow, as his dual strikes just before the half-time whistle hit the post and was saved by Richli respectively. In between, Wai Kok received the only card of the game for arguing with a linesman while taking a throw-in.

Jan completed his second hat-trick this season with another telepathic connection with Barbour. Han Kok squared the ball towards the large Israeli, but a deft leap-over left two defenders stranded and left the way clear for Langeland to accelerate and launch himself for a flying finish.

Han Kok recorded his first double for Grilled, as he finally lived up to his attacking hype thanks to Dani Spirig, as their cooperation on the training fields paid off. On Han Kok's hand signal, Spirig played a pass through Martinsson as Han Kok crashed through the offside trap further down the wing. Richli came out quickly enough, but Han Kok had anticipated it and dumped a lob into the far corner.

Martinsson avoided going home empty-handed when Stanton embarked on an uncharacteristic dribble into the box from the flanks. He was going nowhere, but Swedish defender Bill Sellund hauled him down anyway despite having belonged to seven different sides. Martinsson deceived Richli from the spot, then swung in the last goal two minutes later.

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