superplus 1 - 6 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 2), Season 2509 February 2005 04:30 HTT
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superplusGrilled Birds
Tay Yew Loong (48)
Jon Andrea Rottman (8)
Ola Martinsson (16)
Ola Martinsson (36)
Lorenz Paullin (42)
Ulf Hjortlind (60)
Ola Martinsson (68)

Superplus Subtraction
Hjortlind Tied

Ola Martinsson's purple patch continued in the second round as he collected a hat-trick to catch up with Hjortlind as the club's most prolific scorer. Third-placed Tim Hobson watched the indirect duel from the substitutes' bench, as East Coast side superplus couldn't replicate the power that tore Santa Ze apart 10-1 a week ago.
Grilled rested stressed-out Jan Langeland and threw together their youngsters in midfield. Jon Andrea Rottman, coming in off the right flank, raced Tung Long Tong to Han Kok's outside lob and sliced the ball, leaving the superplus goalie falling the wrong way. Martinsson was outstanding, and weaselled through in the 16th minute to round Chun How for the next goal.

With one eye on the record perhaps, Martinsson left Dane defender Toke Danielson breathless with a flickback move, and with the last man settled took his time luring the goalie out. The inevitable tap-in followed, and Hjortlind was the first to congratulate his partner. Martinsson's share of the spoils would have lasted only three minutes had Hjortlind's scorcher gone in, though.

Dani Spirig limped a little after executing several sliding tackles in succession, and Luis Alcántara saw it prudent to have his star pupil retire early. Israeli Earl Barbour, who hadn't seen his share of games, came on in his stead. His first touch was a cutting ball that allowed Paullin a clean shot, which the young Switzer guided imperiously into the roof of the net.

Martinsson had the last say as he ran in on a low cross generously dummied by Hjortlind, but his chip was awkward and slow, allowing Liew Chun How time to backtrack and tip over the crossbar. Danielson redeemed himself somewhat as he was first to Martinsson's direct corner, clearing all the way to the half-way line with a solid header.

Superplus striker Tay Yew Loong then sent the spectators wild with a brave finish as he charged into a melee to knock a goal past Harlow. The real credit must go to Israeli winger Nir Rappaport, for picking out Riviera's irresponsible abandonment of his defense and delivering some excellent crosses.

The Spanish winger was taken aback, and sought revenge with industrious running that led to Grilled's fifth goal. He got behind the flat defence and was given possession by Paullin, and was not stopped until the six-yard box where he picked out Hjortlind in the middle. The Swedish forward chested the ball in to regain sole ownership of his scoring record.

Not for long, as Ola Martinsson, brimming with mojo, fired on several chances that he might have passed. No one had the heart to rein him in, and sure enough in the 68th minute he lifted a sweet goal in on the fly. It's style was beyond reproach, so much so that even benchwarmer Tim Hobson had to ruefully applaud it, and wonder if he would ever score for Grilled again.

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