Hou-United 2 - 1 Grilled Birds
Friendly, Season 1711 September 2002 04:30 HTT
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Hou-UnitedGrilled Birds
ZhangCai Yung-chia (61)
Jens Olsson (72)
Ungku Ismail bin Abdul Hamid (34)

So Hou
Ismail Indeed

With the intention of probing the strength of other leagues in Division Four, Grilled Birds set out on a friendly with Hou-United from League 28 and came away with a narrow defeat. Hobson was rested for the fixture and defender Xing Hua rewarded for his persistence in training with a runout on the flanks. Youth teamer Ungku Ismail bin Abdul Hamid was thrown into the middle to help Seng-kar.
With 19 goals scored and just two conceded in the league, Hou-United were a cut above the weakened Grilled side. Xing Hua came away badly from his engagements with skilful winger Tian Yong, resorting to brutal challenges that saw him booked halfway through the first half. Hou-United tore chunks out of Grilled's defence and manufactured a showdown between ZhangCai Yung-chia and custodian Balenciaga. Yung-chia's long stride got him past the goalkeeper, but Balenciaga sprang back unruffled to cover the ball, putting his hands around Yung-chia's boots. The referee put the whistle to his mouth, then shook his head.

A direct approach took Grilled to the edge of Hou-United's box, and Chiew-Yen spied new boy Ungku Ismail hovering outside. He sliced the ball into space with the outside of his foot, and Ungku Ismail nearly burst the net with a brilliant strike. Grilled tried the same tack minutes later with Gao Seng-kar putting in the last touch, Hou-United goalie Mar Yu-Wen was too far out, but Seng-kar's lob cleared the bar.

Tan Ong's recklessness was punished by another card, as he grabbed Olsson's arm while fighting for possession. Yung-chia took on all comers and didn't let any get near him on the hour mark, as he stepped around two defenders and laid the ball out of Balenciaga's reach. Hou-United then made sure of the win as a searching ball from Tian Yong was taken by Zhong-Loon. Balenciaga blocked and Tuan-Mu removed it from danger, but Hou-United retained it and at last Jens Olsson beat Balencia with a left-footed effort.

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