Grilled Birds 1 - 3 Winning Eleven
League, Season 1715 September 2002 04:30 HTT
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Grilled BirdsWinning Eleven
Ricard Machado (21)
Mao Chiang-hua (45)
Hang Chun-Lam (80)
Arvo Myllykoski (87)

Season 16D1 - 1League

Eleven Won
Mao Maul

WInning Eleven had the lion's share of chances in a game where Grilled kept respectable possession but were impotent in attack. Grilled's excited fans shared high expectations after Grilled's large wins over Winners 90 and Casilium United, Tellskär appearing again after a two game lay-off. Winning Eleven's Swedish midfield was indomitable, but Grilled got a break when Indonesian rightback Asep Ali played it back to his goalie under no pressure. Vinh-Phat was unable to handle the ball, and Machado stepped up to put Grilled ahead.
Winning's star striker Mao Chiang-hua put himself in dangerous positions with startling ease, and was unlucky to have two goalbound strikes hit the woodwork and get cleared off the line respectively. Their captain Arvo Myllykoski exerted his influence from the side, not yielding an inch to Grilled's dangerman Machado as he felled the tricky Spaniard twice in a row.

Dai-Lin's defensive urges backfired as he went in on Orenblom when the defence had him well covered, conceding a free kick that Ali struck into the wall. It went to Chiang-hua, who beat Bao-Tam convincingly but not the bar. A lesser forward would have despaired, but Chiang-hua disregarded his misses and removed Grilled's lead in first half stoppage time. Carl Kjellblad claimed the assist as his short pass was taken over the goalie by Chiang-hua. Winning might even have taken the lead as Grilled lost the ball from kick-off, as wingback Tao Chee-Miang brushed the post with a beauty that Bao-Tam might not have reached.

Grilled were just unable to take anything from Winning, who had the ball go their way so often that it could not have just been skill. Asep Ali again could not clear the defensive wall with his second direct free-kick, and Chun-Lam was unconvincing as he went to ground after minimal contact with Tuan-Mu. Chun-Lam's well-hit drive was deflected by Bao-Tam after seventy-five minutes, and the crowd breathed easier and prepared for a draw.

Chun-Lam was as tenacious as his partner, unfortunately, and Tan Ong's split-second lapse was enough for him to dribble past and score to put Winning in front. Grilled had no way to come back, and Finnish skipper Myllykoski put the match away with three minutes remaining.

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