Grilled Birds 0 - 4 Chemistry
League, Season 3201 April 2007 04:30 HTT
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Grilled BirdsChemistry
Yusman bin Salim (6)
Mohamed El Boubakri (27)
Qin Caen-Khim (37)
Eric Niklasson (60)

Season 31L4 - 0League
Season 31W2 - 0League
Season 30D1 - 1League
Season 30W2 - 3League
Season 27W4 - 6Cup

Lack Of Chemistry
Unfunny Aprils' Fool

Grilled suffered a second consecutive 4-0 defeat to Chemistry despite playing at home, as the visitors' cavalier style won out over Grilled's cautious approach, largely thanks to perhaps the strongest front-line in the land.
The Birds were still smarting from the wipeout at The Acidic City a month or so before, but had not been able to discover any solution to their dilemma, but to play yet more defensively; The 4-5-1 was not especially appreciated by the expectant home supporters, and even the payoff that this dullness promised was quickly extinguished.

Actually, no-one was to blame for Yusman bin Salim's sixth minute goal, as Grilled's defenders obligingly swarmed their defensive third. Sid stayed right on Yusman's back, but the national player magically struck it over a well-placed Abed-Sulaiman without even looking.

Sometimes, one just has to throw their arms up and admit that a goal is unavoidable, and this was one of those times. Now forced to venture out, Grilled were pressured by the visitors' non-stop running, and Han Kok was dispossessed after refusing to pass it back to the goalie despite his teammates' entreaties. Mohamed El Boubakri was the happy beneficiary from Bryant's pinpoint release.

Grilled were left with no way back after Shen Kek-Tjiang, a makeshift leftback, was found wanting in the 37th minute. Shen was lured infield by Bryant, leaving Qin Caen-Khim completely free on the touchline, and the local star ended up dribbling right into the area and winging the ball past Abed-Sulaiman.

Chemistry twisted the knife in later on as Niklasson got the fourth, making him the third player to score in both the two most recent meetings between the sides. Abed-Sulaiman made an exceptional save after an impressive diving header from Zong Kum-Leong, but that had no effect on the outcome.

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