Grilled Birds 2 - 0 lcfc
Friendly, Season 2912 July 2006 04:30 HTT
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Grilled Birdslcfc
Ola Martinsson (4)
Sylweriusz Zywczyn (49)

Season 28W2 - 3League
Season 28W2 - 0League

Team Geylang Boleh
II.4km Run Hit Wall

A thumping 5-1 rampage against Holland giants lcfc helped Team Geylang to a crucial 3-2 victory against II.4km Run. Team Geylang's captain Joker 9 chipped in by beating mist 3-1, but SCEFC really took the cake with a 10-0 whitewash of ex-Singapore Cup finalists, Chemistry.
With the league race essentially a nonevent, Grilled's focus has been shifted, and quite a few first-teamers made their SCC team against lcfc. The entire league defence was conscripted into service, while Kadak was given yet another opportunity to rebuild his confidence up front.

The goals did flow, but the jinxed Estonian finished the game empty-handed, as he almost always seems to; Sid was instead the pick of the Grilled team, although that was not wholly unexpected with the Polish wingback churning out outstanding performances with admirable regularity.

Sid was on target as early as the ninth minute, and Kadak will have to draw consolation from winning the indirect free-kick that led to the goal. Hjortlind, who took a few in his time, had the job of rolling the ball for Sid to strike, and it was hit so well that the stranded Timmy Jastrup didn't bother to jump.

lcfc upped the tempo, and their Israeli sweeper Ofek Avidan suffered one of the ankle injuries that have become commonplace with ever-lighter boots. Mohd Firdaus Osman came in for him after treatment on the sidelines was in vain, and Sid continued his dead ball dominance by making it two out of two in the 34th minute.

National midfielder Neo Nie How tried very hard, and clattered heavily into young hopeful Bukhari Abd Hamid nine minutes from half-time, earning himself a lenient yellow card and the 18 year-old Bukhari up to two weeks out with bruised ribs. Dragos Olaru, having done well for Grilled in past SCC games, was given his big chance in the centre.

van Liere rounded off a satisfying half from Grilled's perspective by rounding Arthur Harkins with a mindboggling pass to himself off his planted foot. It would have been one for the record had he finished it off, but he sent it bouncing narrowly wide.

Neo put his team back into the fray with a spectacular solo run after the break, as he went shoulder-to-shoulder with the much younger Lee Jie Siong before using his strength to shake the midfielder off. Sulaiman was prepared for Neo's shot, but it was simply too fast for him to get a grip on.

Grilled replied in fine fashion, as they were awarded a penalty two minutes later after Hjortlind was fouled in the box. Sid didn't seem to have considered passing the opportunity to Kadak, as he set the ball down and delivered a nerveless conversion into the top left hand corner.

Fabian Bona was then rightly cautioned for a knee-high tackle on Jäger that went wrong, then Hjortlind was fed with a delightful ball down the left channel by the toetips of Hidde van Liere. Jastrup closed down as best as he could, but Hjortlind was just too experienced to let such a chance pass by. 4-1.

Lee Jie Siong added a confident fifth, and then Neo lost it by barging in on Spirig very, very late. As Neo had already injured one man, the referee was not prepared to grant Neo any more leeway, and dispensed a direct red. lcfc regrouped well without their most influential star, and did well not to let in a sixth in the final phase of the match.

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