Grilled Birds 6 - 2 ArSenal U21
League, Season 6724 December 2017 04:30 HTT
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Grilled 6 - 2 ArSenal

A brilliantly sunny day had enticed a crowd of 51763 to The Cooking Pot. Ioan Bonea was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Israel Mira Castro and Daniel de Carvalho Almeida. It was a sunny day and the technical players could roll the ball around with ease. Those that had to chase after the ball found the weather less appealing, it especially stymied the game of Powerful and Quick players. The following players had been chosen: Batâr - 中北 (Nakakita), Trung Quá - Künzler, Muthyala, 入江 (Irie), Saliman, Romijn - Xin Seng, Davlatov, Parvathaneni.

They fielded: Corrales - de Moreira, Solomon, Cioceanu - Hafiz, Bozhkov, Uon-Aso, Patarnello, Matero - Altefähre, Höckelsberger.

The teams had chosen different formations for the match. Home team Grilled Birds went for 2-5-3 while ArSenal U21 has decided to play a 3-5-2 lineup. ArSenal took a creative approach on the field. Grilled's opponents know to be wary of Cyril Künzler's speed, but it made little difference as he flew past the defence 4 minutes into the game. Only the keeper could stop him - and he did with a perfectly timed dive! Leo de Moreira was ever so close to scoring after an excellent corner was beautifully flicked on by Isaac Altefähre, but the ball bounced off the post to safety. Grilled took the lead, 1 - 0, after a penalty 33 minutes into the match. Cyril Künzler scored from the penalty spot. Almost all the way down to the corner flag, ArSenal's Jonne Matero somehow managed to get a perfect pass into the middle, impossible to miss for Isaac Altefähre, who struck for 1 - 1. A mistake by the home side's central defence after 35 minutes allowed Jonne Matero to score for ArSenal. The scoreboard now read 1 - 2. After 36 minutes of play, Florus Romijn equalised for Grilled after an elegant attack from the right. Grilled took the lead 38 minutes into the match after a magnificent free kick by Cyril Künzler that made the score 3 - 2. The referee showed Grilled's Neeraj Muthyala the yellow card after a particularly nasty challenge. Halftime score was 3 - 2. Grilled claimed to have seen most of the ball, and the statistics agreed with them - possession being 61 percent.

雄輝 (Yuki) 入江 (Irie) left the field with a smile on his face as he was substituted 46 minutes into the game, as his team was in the lead. Chan Ze Han was the replacement. Grilled put themselves up 4 - 2 when Mohammad Ramli Saliman broke through on the right, leaving the entire defence trailing in his wake. ArSenal's Leo de Moreira hurt his back 74 minutes into the match, and had to be convinced by the medical team that it was safer not to continue the match. Maurice Tang had already been warming up, and came on for Leo de Moreira. After 76 minutes, the away team failed to deal with a good exchange of passes on the right, and Moey Xin Seng gave the Grilled supporters even more to cheer about when he increased the lead to 5 - 2. Grilled's Moey Xin Seng swung in a good chance from the left, but the visitors' defence were able to clear the ball. The Grilled players could smell victory in the air. Mohammad Ramli Saliman wasn't in a hurry to leave the field as he was substituted for Chu Xin Lee after 80 minutes. After several obvious shirt pulling incidents, Jonne Matero got himself booked. The manager of ArSenal was not happy. Coming from the right, Chan Ze Han almost managed to score another goal for Grilled, but his header was tipped over the bar by the visitors' keeper. Cheers filled the stadium as Islom Davlatov broke through the visitors' central defence to put away the ball to increase the lead to 6 - 2 to Grilled. Cyril Künzler wanted to play on, but the Grilled coach had other ideas, and he was replaced 89 minutes into the game by Dante Tran. Cyril Künzler was coming off, and had placed his last free kick for the day. That meant that 悠太 (Yuta) 中北 (Nakakita) got the chance to showcase his dead ball skills. As the match nears its end, the referee has deemed it appropriate to add 2 minutes as stoppage time. The match ends 6 - 2. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by Grilled, with 55 percent of the ball.

Most important Grilled player was Islom Davlatov. Dante Tran was a disappointment, however. ArSenal's top performer was clearly Isaac Altefähre. Maurice Tang turned in a dismal performance, however.

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