Tanglin United 0 - 11 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 1), Season 2714 September 2005 04:30 HTT
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Tanglin UnitedGrilled Birds
Ola Martinsson (10)
Ola Martinsson (20)
Ola Martinsson (32)
Jon Andrea Rottman (39)
Cao Wai-Kin (40)
Ola Martinsson (55)
Shen Kek-Tjiang (71)
Au-Yong Siu-Yue (72)
Ola Martinsson (74)
Jörgen Falkbo (76)
Ola Martinsson (79)

Tanglin Dangling
Half Dozen Martinsson

Ola bettered his five goals against a club with the same name exactly two seasons ago with two hattricks against amateurs Tanglin United of V.41. More than happy to indulge in the spectacular, five other Grilled players got on the scoreboard as new goalie Ahmed Abed-Sulaiman never ever handled the ball.
With a full side to pick from, Grilled unremarkably let their younger players enjoy themselves, and even got a special dispensation for unregistered 19 year-old Fauzi bin Udi to wear Grilled colours for one match before being farmed out. Grilled were laughable as they played the fool in the opening minutes, and Tanglin held out hope until Wai-Kin appeared to fall by himself in the tenth minute.

Somehow the referee called an infringement which led to a mandatory penalty, which Martinsson fired into the inside side-netting with Ow-Yang Li-Jie barely twitching. This unfair decision would not probably have changed the final result much, as Grilled started to attack in earnest and Martinsson recorded his first hat-trick by the 32nd minute.

Bad news for Fauzi as he struggled to stand after clipping his shin while tackling, and was called to the sidelines to be replaced by Bona so his overseas career would not begin with him on the injured list. Rottman drilled in a knee-high curler close to the keeper's body, then Wai-Kin grabbed his competitive debut goal with a delightful volley that sent hearts racing.

Tanglin midfielder and real-life butcher Yong Phu-Hung got the game's only caution for sliding in on Borup, but the difference in class was too much to be made up for by playing hard. Martinsson bent another in from over twenty metres, then captain for the day Shen Kek-Tjiang got put through by Siu-Yue to plug in the seventh.

Siu-Yue himself got lucky as defender Lian Yeou-Chyi failed to follow a weak ball dropping behind the defence, and barged in from the blind side to lift it in behind Li-Jie. Another penalty, another gift goal for Martinsson as a Wai-Kin shot that was going in was stopped accidentally by an outfielder's hand.

Swede fullback Jörgen Falkbo put it into double digits and nearly caused a scoreboard malfunction with a simple chip, before Martinsson put the lights out with the first six-goal haul of his long Grilled career.

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