Grilled Birds 1 - 0 4Oceans
Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 1702 October 2002 04:30 HTT
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Grilled Birds4Oceans
Tim Hobson (32)

One Ocean
Haupai In Middle

Qi Haupai livened things in the weekly home friendly by putting himself on the teamsheet. He was in good company, as nearly the rest of the eleven were first-teamers or close to that. Fellow Jurong-based 4Oceans played a fairly lighthearted game, but were no means easy meat. Jong-Seob took the mickey out of Tan Ong when he appeared to stop after a whistle from the terraces, only to accelerate away as the bemused defender let his guard down. Tuan-Mu didn't fall for that parlour trick, and whisked the ball off him in a jiffy.
Hobson took over from there, having a try at an open goal blocked before he mowed the turf with a low skimmer to the right post. 4Oceans centre man Wai-Cheng was not amused at Haupai's theatrics, and favoured the forty-something coach with a jab in the small of his back while dispossessing him. This sparked several Grilled players to dash at him, and the referee had the good sense to defuse the situation by pulling out a yellow card.

Not much to crow about in the second half, as Haupai pieced together some recognisable passes and generally looked exhausted. 4Oceans forwards Bei Fa-Tang went for glory himself, but Siu-Cheung was dependable on the left. Seng-kar had Grilled's only worthy attempt as Hobson was ordered back by the on-field Haupai, and that hit the post. Bei Fa-Tang got a late caution to end a mediocre game.

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