Grilled Birds 4 - 1 Chinablack
League, Season 2524 April 2005 04:30 HTT
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Grilled BirdsChinablack
Fabian Bona (7)
Lorenz Paullin (32)
Luis Alcántara (51)
Lorenz Paullin (52)
Jacques Laporte (35)

Season 25D3 - 3League
Season 20W5 - 1League
Season 20L3 - 2League

Green Shades Black
Paullin Duals

Chinablack arrived at a jampacked The Cooking Pot intent to score, with three men up front, and so they did. With only four in the middle they were hardly likely to stop Grilled at home, and so they didn't. Alcántara potted another after his flash in the pan last week, but the main man was winger Lorenz Paullin, whose speed troubled Chinablack's defenders no end.
Chinablack were relying on their numbers in the middle to wedge past central defender Fabian Bona, but it was Bona who had the first laugh as he put in a towering header from a tight angle to catapult Grilled in front. Paullin created that goal nicely with a floating cross, and it soon became clear that it was going to be a great day for the Swiss lad.

While Chinablack enjoyed close to equal influence in the central areas due to star midfielder Hsiao Tzung, Grilled owned the flanks with the undoubtable quality of van Liere and Paullin. van Liere still had two men to get past most of the time, as Jan Jonasson guarded the left for Chinablack, but Paullin was left free to roam.

Allowed free run of his side, it was no wonder that Paullin was odds-on favourite to bag the second, slipping into the box unheeded with the defenders more intent on the bigger guns. Langeland nimbly released the ball wide to the charging Paullin, who thrashed a flaming right-footer into the net.

Chinablack then got their chances. Local defender Dhatr Sathiamoorthy won no pity when he went down too easily near Grilled's penalty area, but Belgian Jacques Laporte waded through chaos to strike home in the 35th minute. Paullin might have ended the half with two to his name when he hit a long shot on target, but it didn't faze Roger Bengtsson in goal.

Bona had to leave the pitch with three minutes left in the half, as he couldn't stand the wear and tear of marking three strikers. Weathered Thai hardman Nui Pakpao replaced him, and immediately set about establishing order in defence by barging into Tian-Xiang when the referee's back was turned.

There was still time for Ola Martinsson to further test Bengtsson with a close-range placed shot that was too soft, and for Chinablack's Tay Aik How to be booked for going in two-footed on Jon Andrea Rottman.

The second half started with Grilled attempting to put the game beyond reach, which they went some way towards with Luis Alcántara dining on a delicious set-up by Siu-Yue which left him to simply slot the ball past the goalie. van Liere and Paullin swapped flanks on the restart, and with van Liere's man-marker following him across, Paullin was bright to turn on the pace to bag his brace.

Thirty year-old Roger Bengtsson spared Chinablack further blushes when he blocked Langeland's point-blank strike to the post and then hald on to a swirling Martinsson attempt heading for the top left. Jonasson and Kyhlell however picked up Chinablack's third and fourth yellows of the match.

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