Grilled Birds 0 - 3 Ultimate NutsZ
League, Season 2308 August 2004 04:30 HTT
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Grilled BirdsUltimate NutsZ
Jonatan Svantesson (16)
Patrik Gunnarsson (48)
Patrik Gunnarsson (86)

Season 20L2 - 3Cup

NutsZ Ultimate
Glorious Gunnarsson

The NutsZ laid on the pain for Grilled, as even storms and a boisterous support in the half-filled Cooking Pot failed to intimidate the Super Swedes of the Orchard side, as they brought their team their first victory in fine style.
Grilled were smarting from their record embarassment against Winning Eleven, and came out strongly against NutsZ. NutsZ had expected that, and their disciplined defending, aided by the fact right winger Ilkka Virjonen was the only non-Swede among their outfielders, shut Martinsson and Hjortlind out. Their switch to attack caught the Birds out, and Niklas Gabrielsson, who has stays at Indian champions ravi' super 11 and Swedish big guns EM Tigers on his resume, made a no-look pass to Jonatan Svantesson to open the scoring.

More pressing play irritated Grilled's tenuous assaults, as they never held the ball for long in the opposition half. The second half fired off in a bad way for Grilled, as Virjonen lofted a harmless-looking airball to Gunnarsson, who had Harlow standing still with a sleekly executed volley in the air.

NutsZ preyed on Grilled's rapidly fading confidence, and Håkan Ovesson had Harlow at his mercy in the 76th minute but only hit the left post. Hjortlind tried to contribute with a blazing run, but was well checked and booked for simulation when he dived mightily.

Aznan was fast losing his composure, and forgot his defensive duties as he let Ovesson in behind him freely. Ovesson was second time unlucky, and crashed his powerful attempt into the netting. Gunnarsson gave the NutsZ their dues with a clinical finish in the closing minutes to sink Grilled.

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