Competitive Losses

1. Herron12
 Winning Eleven9
5. Pudgy Penguins8
 newbies are newbies8
 Hattrick all the time7
 the team that never was7
10. Shining Lights7
 -= Manchester United =-6
 Team Singapore6
 United Warrior Team6
15. heimu XI6
 Be Champions FC5
 extreme power5
 Rollin' Thunder5
20. FC RaZer Infernus4
 Changi Genius4
 Ultimate NutsZ3
25. North Wanderers3
 Thorocozzieq FC3
 ArSenal U213
 Isle of Flames3
 Yew Tea3
30. FC GBR3
 Titus Titanium IV3
 FC Barca Singapore3
 CoCoTeaTree Islanders3
35. Joker 93
 Young Tigers3
 The EV3
40. singnet_utd2
 Pearl Divers2
 Shadow Chaser FC2
 Parkway Paladins2
 Snowman Athletic2
45. Carpmael Rovers2
 Red Chaos2
 Batok Earthquakes2
 The Void Deck2
50. Rapala NC2
 All The King Men2
 Saraca Swashbucklers2
 Club Dinosauria2
 Neo Toxicants2
55. Snowdogs1
 Marina Sailors1
 FC ~ vile1
 All The King's Men1
 Mithril Arrows1
60. Aurochs Blitz1
 Edbe FC1
 Joejos78 FC1
65. Hertz United1
 jessica FC1
 Siegmund United1
70. Scallop Soccer Team1
 BonGGie FC1
 Golden Kakis1
 Soon Soon1
75. Robbie Football Club1
 Beat of Angel1
 F.Torres FC1
80. FK ┼Żeljeznicar Sarajevo1
 AkA FC1
 ViRtU@L FC1
 Brutus Dominion Spartacus Maxima Futbol Club1
85. shoot'n'save1
 Tinombala FC1
 FC TerriFic1
 AC Fantasista1
90. Haha1
 Kampong Dreamer1
 El Torros Gigante1
 Uchiha Clan1
95. QUT FC1
 total destruction1
 Rajah XI1
 Red Freaking Chillies1
 Cantik FC1
100. saiNts Utd1

    Braced For Recoil
    Counting Costs
    Yussof To Mare
    Champs Come Back
    Vasilie On Top
    Eshrafi Departs
    Head In The Clouds
    Praise For The Fallen
    Ong Tanglin-Bound
    In Complete Control
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anonymous: Thanks for the special mention :) I would just like to expre...
2015-08-17 18:50:02
anonymous: excellent read as always!- Yjorn
2015-06-13 03:08:41
anonymous: Rasha say
2014-12-14 16:56:39
gilbertlim: well, it seemed like that.
2014-12-12 18:26:33
anonymous: I didn't play a 4-5-2
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