No foes like old foes, as Grilled met newbies are newbies for an unprecedented 27th time - and came away 3-1 winners. Polish winger Cyril Künzler was his usual reliable self, as he methodically wore newbies down, before finishing them with two quick stabs.
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Another club has been added to the family, with Grilled International setting up stall in Temburong, Brunei - an inaugural member of the new international leagues.
Once Zywczyn, now Künzler - Grilled have enjoyed excellent tidings with their ball-slinging Polish wingmen, and may their latest arrival be no exception.
They're still just bytes on a Swedish server, but they are the stars of the show; take a bow, Tian Yonghang, Moey Xin Seng and the rest of you lot.
Many seasons, and three national cups, but Grilled's history is richer than just that. Read about the rise, fall, and maybe rise of the Singaporean club.
A new website brings a new mascot for the club, where none existed before - and beware: the Ham of Doom sees all, knows all, answers all.
0d 23:32:29
Grilled Birds vs.
Ropelearner FC
League, 2018-03-18 04:30:00
  Grilled Birds12+4328  
  newbies are new12+2426  
  ArSenal U2112+1820  
  Ropelearner FC12+2318  
  Red Chaos12-1012  
  FC Pires12-594  
  United Warrior 12-751  

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anonymous: excellent read as always!- Yjorn
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