Los Que Sobran 1 - 7 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 8702 May 2024 02:15 HTT
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Los Que Sobran
Grilled Birds
Alberto Aliaga (39)
Gústav Thoroddsen (10)
Chia Kwang Tse (32)
Gústav Thoroddsen (37)
Orest Tokarz (48)
Chia Kwang Tse (56)
Gústav Thoroddsen (80)
Orest Tokarz (89)

Sobran Take Seven
Aliaga Ace

Thoroddsen is sure one to apologize in deed, with Peruvian IV.33 club Los Que Sobran his latest victim, as he recorded a hat-trick in a 7-1 demolition job in South America at their Tanto Sol Sobre Las Cabezas. 19 year-old Alberto Aliaga would however steal the hearts of even the visiting Birds diehards with a spirited display particularly in the first half, where he tested Cameron Law to the limits, before claiming a deserved goal.
Aliaga's linkups with fellow academy graduate Lizandro Acostupa would be one of the main selling points of this Sobran side, and their combination would birth a serious chance for the hosts in just the fourth minute, as Comoros referee Salim Youssouf blew for a foul on Acostupa by Chad Thach just outside Grilled's box. Acostupa took it instantly, flummoxing the Birds' defenders as Aliaga rushed foward on cue, and only Law's alertness kept him from getting onto it.

That scare done with, Grilled's assuredness in midfield took over, and Gústav Thoroddsen took all of ten minutes to get the team in front with a stylish dribble against centreback Augusto Ames, that Ames had no way to stop. Sobran then held out for 22 more minutes, before Radovan Jaška's corner dropped into a crowded six-yard box, and goalie Ernesto Alejos got cut off by his own man to allow Chia Kwang Tse to connect with the header.

A good team effort from the restart then saw another free-kick won about eighteen yards out for Sobran, and Aliaga dipped it over the defensive wall, to loud oohs from the home fans. Law read that too, however, and dove to turn it around his goalpost. That sequence saw Augusto Ames booked for bumping hard into Paulino Trindade trying to reach a possible rebound, which barely paused the action with Thoroddsen flying through for 3-0 at the other end. Aliaga's time would come, though, as he cut inside as Sobran built smartly from open play, and this time he would slip it under Law before the Grilled custodian could go to ground.

The reception for Aliaga's goal dwarfed the others, as expected, and kept the Sobran support singing through half-time. Orest Tokarz wasted no time getting down to business after replacing Joe Reece, and after three minutes on the pitch, he would have a goal to his name as Aw Keng Chuan rolled a deceptively slow through pass down the middle. Chia's second came in the 56th minute as 37 year-old leftback Joel Oscate's lack of pace got found out, and Chad Thach swooped in from the other flank 65 minutes in, only to narrowly miss.

Sobran made their first change in the 75th minute - captain Paulino Olazo off for Luigi Parolisi, who took over the armband. The following throw-in would see Sobran make another impressive mass push, but Ramiro Cevallos' excellent rising drive would be parried aside by Cameron Law, who was profusely thanked by Mohsen El Khateeb, who had lost Cevallos there.

The main question remaining was whether Gústav Thoroddsen would get his hat-trick, and the Icelander did not disappoint, in finding the net from a difficult position, 80 minutes in. There would be one last goal in stoppage time after oldies Bhavya Panigrahi and Bilal Mohammad Harun came on, with Bilal enjoying a rare assist in tipping a header on for Orest Tokarz to score from.

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