Grilled Birds 3 - 2 Phantasm Hotspurs
League, Season 8712 May 2024 04:30 HTT
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It Gets Exciting

With their ninth competitive victory in a row, Grilled Birds have returned to the second division after six long seasons, and Tian Yonghang's first priority is to establish themselves there, if not for too long. The Birds boss would throw out a top three target without even knowing which league they would be assigned to, with the reasoning that it was to be a brief stopover in any case.

"I have always held it to be a midway stop in this team's journey." Tian declared. "We don't want to stay in Division Two any longer than we have to - the S-League is our true home, now, always, forever."

Towards that ambitious end, Tian will have Gústav Thoroddsen in support, with the Icelandic striker having made himself the undisputed star turn of a very strong Grilled Birds squad. Thoroddsen would indeed receive his second Golden Boot in a week, after his 18 in the league for the season put him four ahead of Hotspurs' Mak Hao Heng in second place. "And he's only getting started." Tian concluded.

Farmer Bunnies drew 1-1 with Really McCoys, with Gordon Brodalka cancelling out the returning Louis Lee's 55th minute header from a corner. What made this really hurt, however, was that the Buns would have taken the title with a win, after Brighton UK were indeed upset 0-1 by FC Phondle, who put the Buns' fate in their own hands through António Vasco Gouveia's late winner.

"When the news came through the announcers, we were smacking ourselves." Buns forward Ho Ah Kian admitted. "That didn't help us find the goal we needed either, but we only have ourselves to blame."

FC Phondle remained third despite that, with McCoys coming in fourth. Mangrove Pittas defeated FC Jurong Rovers 3-0 in their fixture, but this was with the knowledge that they would have to play qualification games whatever the result, which might have led to the Rovers' laxity. Below them, SK28 wiped Sengkang Town FC 5-0, but were unable to escape their ultimate fate of relegation.

Elefanten der Wüste were hammered 0-7 by Grilled International to no real consequence, as the fans braced themselves for the continued, if long expired, leadership of Didi Reidenbach. "It's hard to fire a head coach for consistently finishing in the top three... but that's not what we really want, right?" disgruntled supporter Ali Reza asked.

Given AC Rabissale's recent troubles, Amelinho Kickers's 3-0 away win was only to be expected, albeit coming after a broken ankle for Danish utility man Villy Kvistgaard; They will play EURO-POWER 2017 for promotion. Ponyhof stayed in fourth despite their 0-1 loss to Nice AS, thanks to their vastly superior goal difference over Baboon Show St. Pauli, who defeated SFK Ajaks 3-1.

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