Grilled Birds 6 - 0 FC The Sail @ MarinaBay
Cup, Consolation (Round 2), Season 8608 November 2023 05:15 HTT
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Telling Angst

It certainly felt good to be back on the winning track after successive losses, or so Tian Yonghang had it, as he talked Gandhik Chitre up in his post-game comments. "Gandhik had this coming, and he was due." the Grilled boss noted. "It had to be hard coming up right after so many towering seniors, but he never sold himself short. A little more self-belief, and he'll have many more days like today!"

Tian sees a hard fight against Ah Beng FC next, as he noted the transfer of 20 year-old former academy boy Kamal Jufri Awali, from Italian Division Seven F.c. Pajacci to Carbonoro of the Uruguay IV.35, for close to S$5.2 million. "Now he was an interesting one." Tian mused. "Don't have too many of his size around, but he was always a bit too conservative to thrive here. We'll continue taking note of his progress, of course."

Farmer Bunnies also advanced in the Consolation Cup, with an uncharacteristic high-scoring match against V.55 representatives Telf0rd United. Five goals without reply were on the cards for the Buns, who had Guan Ming Kum open after just four minutes. Ho Ah Kian and Vitaliy Efendiev then scored within a minute of each other midway through the first half, with Edgar Popienia adding his immediately after replacing Efendiev.

Amirul Jufri Khairil's blaster from range in the 52nd minute was perhaps the pick of the lot, however, as his instincts took over after Guan's attempt had been whacked out of the box by opposing captain Syahabuddin Ridha. "I knew that was in, once it left my foot." Amirul claimed proudly.

Conversely, Grilled International disappointed when Austrian H.I. V.190 club Internationale Angst came visiting in the Emerald Challenger Cup, with Phua Li Kong and Umut Koza being the bright spots in a 2-5 home defeat. This came on the heels of a 1-3 loss to Peruvian fourth division side Palpa F.C. in the semifinals of the losers' bracket of the City Glory double elimination cup, which also had Koza providing the defiance.

"Tough luck." the Turkish star offered cryptically. "Just not enough juice in the squeeze."

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