Controlar 4 - 4 Grilled Birds
League, Season 8516 July 2023 04:30 HTT
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ControlarGrilled Birds
Masato Ezure (37)
Tan Keng Kwang (39)
Hesam Ferdos (63)
David Ramos (90)
Chia Kwang Tse (12)
Joe Reece (24)
Chia Kwang Tse (27)
Federico Parada (64)

Season 84L3 - 1League
Season 84W4 - 0League
Season 68W2 - 7Cup
Season 62W3 - 2League
Season 62D1 - 1League

Supervision Slipped
Ramos Rescue

There would be no league victory still for a befuddled Birds side, who thought that they had done just enough at the Sweet Science Arena, only to be checked back right at the death. This was particularly painful as Grilled had thrown away a three-goal lead before that, and serious questions will have to be asked about Damian Hutter, after he was culpable in at least two of those.
Phua Ming Xin made his league debut as expected, flanked by Joe Reece and Orest Tokarz, with Controlar led out in a balanced 3-5-2 by captain Masato Ezure. Hans Hendrik Biskopstø had been in fine form for them as their main forward, and in sweeper Pau Calleja and goalkeeper Pedro Vasco Conceição Correia, they had a solid duo that was hard to beat. Still, Phua nearly had his dream introduction when he rushed Correia on a creative lob from man of the moment Chad Thach, only to have it smothered at the last moment by the goalie; Orest Tokarz kept it in and actually took it around Hesam Ferdos with some nimble footwork belying his size, only to trip up right before he could pull the trigger.

That was but a brief escape for the home team, anyhow, as the Birds kept on chugging, and saw Chia Kwang Tse drive it hard and home in the twelfth minute, following an excellent foray by acting skipper Federico Parada up the left. Parada would dominate the conversation at this point, with the Grilled midfield inadvertently feeding most of their balls his way. The Bolivian reciprocated magnificently, and after several more aggressive runs, Joe Reece would be found waiting at the far post, for the easiest of finishes. 2-0!

The clock showed just 24 minutes on Reece's goal, and despite a brief stoppage in which Chia was found guilty of dissent by referee Moritz Reitinger, that did not dampen the Number 25's ardour in the slightest. The flustered Controlar team seemed taken aback when the direction of play actually got switched over to Egemen Dinçer Ferzan a couple of minutes later, and he could hardly have hit the cross better. Calleja did his level best, but missed the defensive header by a hair, and all Chia had to do was to make contact for the third.

A hat-trick appeared almost inevitable here, but this transpired to instead be the turning point for the hosts, who emerged from their huddle with grim resolve. Renewed defensive commitment was soon converted into much more involvement by their wingers, and while Masato's reply in the 37th had a touch of fortune to it, what with the bounce on the pass, Biskopstø's setup a bit later was pure skill. Damian Hutter was taken completely apart by two straightforward steps from the Faroese striker, who fed Tan Keng Kwang for 2-3.

Grilled returned the stronger from the fifteen minute interval, and Chia really should have gotten his treble in the 50th, as Parada swung it meaningfully to his spot then. Sadly, Chia's conviction was lacking, and Tong Yi Chuan managed to get in front of him from a disadvantaged starting position. Aw Keng Chuan then thundered in for a Bilalesque hammerfoot through the middle seven minutes on, but could not keep the admittedly rip-roaring shot on target.

Controlar took encouragement from the Birds' failings, and the equalizer soon came, with Iranian fullback Hesam Ferdos completing a great team move, coming around the back from the left side. That had the home supporters on their feet to a man, but they would soon be bitten by the crueler face of the game, as 18 year-old Wong Lai Heng committed handball on Grilled's very next push. Truth be told, he knew nothing about it, but ignorance was no excuse for Reitinger, and Federico Parada converted calmly amidst loud booing from the gallery.

Given what had just happened, a scant single-goal lead hardly felt safe for Grilled, and Parada tried his utmost to put them on firmer footing. Neither Wong nor Marko Nisstrand could suppress him properly, and Parada thrived, if bereft of end product. 77 minutes in, he would spot Correia slightly off his line, and put in a spectacular curling effort without hesitation - and it would surely have been a contender for goal of the week, had it not come off the bar.

Still, Grilled appeared to have done enough, and they would be content with whiling the final few minutes away, with Tian Yonghang drawing out his substitutions as much as he could. Both Bilal Mohammad Harun and Gandhik Chitre understood the part they were playing as they strolled on right before injury time... only to be showed up as Paulino Faladoiro took after Parada in putting in the perfect cross on what was Controlar's last possession of the day, for David Ramos to send the crowd into a frenzy, with an unstoppable header.

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