Unión Deportiva San José 4 - 4 Grilled Birds
International Friendly, Season 8413 April 2023 00:15 HTT
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Budu Too Much

Tian Yonghang pronounced today's friendly in Panama quite profitable indeed, and also a good show for the onlookers. "There was plenty of passion and guts out there, even if the quality of play was... uneven." the Grilled head coach said. "It's nice to have Bilal and Velho out there again, even if not for the full ninety, and I expect our veterans to continue to have a part to play in this campaign."

Farmer Bunnies hosted H.I. VI.893 side AC Sagami Kanagawa, who hail from Kanto, Japan, earlier in the day. The FC Sagami 2020 affiliates lined up in a 5-5-0, which meant total boredom for the unlucky few who made it to Carrot Field. 37 year-old Miran Raulj sustained a freak collarbone fracture in the 35th minute that might see him out for a fortnight at least, and the match would eventually be won from the penalty spot, with captain Vitaliy Efendiev rolling just about the only shot on target for the match in.

Before that, Grilled International's H.I. Consolation Cup run had come to an end, as they were dismissed 2-5 by Armenian V.128 representatives The Muchit' Budu. Helmy Syamsuzaman did come out with plenty of credit for his dead-eye efficiency in converting both his chances, but Budu's pride and former U-20 international Elias Ovannessyan was no less clinical.

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