International CAT F.C. 1 - 2 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 3), Season 8422 March 2023 04:30 HTT
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Quaked Out Of Red

Grilled boss Tian Yonghang feted his young side for another job well executed. "I can't say this is one of the better attacking forces that we have had in recent years yet, but the lads did all they could with it. There was a lot of improvisation to get guys in good positions, and playing the percentages to earn free-kicks. That's what I like to see in the circumstances!"

The Birds then enter the last thirty-two, with SingaStyle eliminated after a shock 1-2 upset by Dragon Devil's. There were few real surprises otherwise, though Mayuyu AKB48's conceding a walkover to Moeinsingapore did raise a few eyebrows. Grilled will not be expected to get through current S-League leaders St. Xavier's FC in the next round surely, all the more from how they have won a national-level cup, for each of the past three seasons.

"That's some achievement, but we have nothing to lose." Tian continued. "It will be a great day out for the kids."

That would be it for both Farmer Bunnies and Grilled International, though the Buns would cut it close against Batok Earthquakes, with Vitaliy Efendiev putting them in the lead twice, if from the spot. The Earthquakes were not pleased with U.S. referee Adolfo Arizti for what they felt were soft giveaways, but then they answered both through their own free-kicks anyway. Leon Perić then put a counter away in the 77th minute, which had Cambodian youngster Borey Em booked for going slightly overboard in celebrating his assist.

Grilled International in contrast were never in it against Nicaragua H.I. IV.60 opponents Comandante Ernesto "Che" Guevara C, with it all falling to pieces with Kilver Icaza's strike towards the end of the first half, which came with a second yellow for Redhuan bin Mohd Aleshahfezan. International were never bothering Comandante's backline after that, and patient play from Comandante brought them additional goals from José Iván Caballero and Icaza.

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