Grilled Birds 8 - 0 EF City
League, Season 8423 April 2023 04:30 HTT
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Bots Batter Buns

With a perfect 21 points from 21 after the conclusion of the first half of the season, Grilled Birds look well set for a swift return to Division Two after three years in the wilderness; head coach Tian Yonghang warned against complacency, however, pointing out that Phantasm Hotspurs were just three points behind and moreover in the Sapphire Challenger Cup semis, with Mayuyu AKB48 also capable of pulling off a long run of wins.

Tian had to give it to Chan Ze Han, in any case, as the Birds darling reached an incredible 14 league goals, or an average of two per match thus far. Given this, Tian's own club record of 147 league goals - just six ahead of Chan now - seems very likely to fall to the latter by the end of this season, something that Tian claims he is eagerly looking forward to.

"Chan is just one-of-a-kind, and you all know how I dislike praising players like that - but this, everybody knows." Tian gushed. "He has a good few years near this level ahead of him yet, and we all want to see what records he can break!"

The Golden Boot is hardly a sure thing with Hotspurs' Mak Hao Heng actually drawing closer with five of his own today, in smashing LAVINO QUAY 9-0. Mayuyu AKB48 stayed grimly on track in third with a Luis Bique double surpassing Controlar 2-1 away, while tpyers got a needed boost with their 6-1 thrashing of Snohodez, to keep in fifth place on nine points.

It was another story for the Farmer Bunnies, who may be set for relegation after crumbling to a 0-3 home defeat, to an admittedly well-marshalled Bot Team FC. The possession gap between the sides was too big to make up despite Gilberto Sorondo's blinder, and two goals by Kevin Zhang were capped by Andrew Long's stunning creativity in injury time.

This has the Buns still three adrift of Leeds Celts, who also lost 2-4 away to Really McCoys, even as WhiteSandsMechs pulled away with their 8-0 steamrolling of the Singapore Foodies. The Bots' win wasn't enough for them to overhaul Mangrove Pittas, though, with the Pittas matching the scoreline quite impressively versus a strong Brighton UK side.

Grilled International did rather better in crushing French semi-pros Nice AS by five goals to one, but this only after an initial scare in which the visitors repelled them for the first half an hour, before Stéphane Dalmas converted Stéphane Cancé's lightning-quick dash and assist. International would gradually work their way back in, although with Umut Koza off with a strained groin, shortly after scoring the fourth for International.

Of course, this will make little difference with leaders FC Bojons going in double digits against Ortega&Cabrerizo, and Amelinho Kickers coming close with their 9-0 at Black Panther. "We are just out not to throw games needlessly for now." captain Safari bin Hj Jali declared. "And do our best against those two."

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