Yomiuri Giants 3 - 2 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 2), Season 8203 August 2022 04:30 HTT
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Hitting Bottom

Club captain Moey Xin Seng, who made a point to turn up for the post-game press conference with his right shoulder heavily bandaged, gave a grim assessment of the current squad. "We are in no shape to contest for national-level honours for now." he admitted. "It will probably take a few years, before our midfield blossoms sufficiently to have an outside chance."

As for his own injury, Moey revealed that club doctor Ian Chuang had him on medical leave for a fortnight, but feared that it might take another week or two on top of that to play himself back into shape. "You just can't beat Father Time."

It was arguably far worse for Farmer Bunnies, who were not even afforded the dignity of scoring, as they crashed 0-4 to III.15 competitors FC Air Hydrous. A disjointed back five containing seventeen year-olds Guan Ming Kum and Amirul Jufri Khairil, amongst others, would be picked apart by a none-too-exceptional Hydrous offense, with embarassing ease. Jorge Mejías and Gabriel Nakamura would score in the minute added on at the end of the first half, to put the Buns down by three already.

Jerad Meyer, who contributed perhaps Farmer Bunnies' best chance of the day slicing in from leftback, admitted that this defence had a long way to go. "I have played with Agyei and the seniors holding fort, and it's very different. Shouldn't be complaining about youth being given chances, that said."

There was some disappointment for former Kyrgyzstani youth international Aitykul Zaripbekov too, after he was called up to attend trials by the national team, only to be informed that he had not made the cut. A hangover from the flight back meant that he appeared only in the second half, where he put in a relatively listless shift at right wing.

Grilled International would fall 2-3 too, against Angolan mainstays GZWM Grodkov. The Malanje flag-bearers and IV.36 members overcame a heavy possessional disadvantage to come up with a two-goal lead on the counter by the 41st minute, although International then pulled a Hydrous with two of their own at the end of the first half, through Wang Hanxuan and then Li Xin Chi. José Reyes then lashed one past replacement goalie Rosmin bin Hj Khamis with ten minutes to go, sadly, which was enough.

This match would also likely be longtime Number One Vadym Gorozhankin's last for the club, after he had to retire with a badly strained right high in the 37th minute. The 41 year-old Ukrainian had been considering hanging up his gloves for some time, and this latest setback may have finally forced his hand.

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