Winnetou Reborn 1 - 3 Grilled Birds
League, Season 8204 September 2022 04:30 HTT
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Webb On The Brink

Scots defender Gilbert Webb might have played his last for the club, according to preliminary diagnosis by the club's medical team, with his already-vulnerable left ankle having sustained heavy damage. "If that's the case, it is what it is." he shrugged from a wheelchair, said foot in a cast. "It's been over two decades of good football - and honours - for me. We'll see in a few months."

Planned replacement Damian Hutter should be pressed into service slightly earlier than expected, then, and it will probably be Chan Ze Han's own ankle issues that will be of greater concern for the Birds. Club doctor Ian Chuang has reportedly prescribed at least a month off to allow for proper healing - which could open up a ready spot for Egemen Dinçer Ferzan somewhere.

Bilal's prognosis was the best of the three, but even he will likely miss next week's fixture against Psyduck FC, who defeated fc.tower 3-1 today to rise to sixth place. TeamNigma's unstoppable run would finally be stopped by Lawrence, KS FC in the match of the day, with Chow Chun Jin grabbing the only goal of a nervous contest on the break. With HEBFC Tonners FC held 4-4 by HEBFC Tonners FC, the Birds are now up to a more-respectable third place.

Farmer Bunnies too clambered up their league table to second, as they ripped Heaven Skys for four goals, playing away. This had to be a study on how not to confront the Buns, as Heaven Skys played right into the Buns' defensive traps again and again. Miran Raulj and Jerad Meyer would open a useful lead in the first half, before Lau Keng Kwang and Llamil Vener closed the door in the second.

The EV remain unhindered as they brushed the challenge of Brighton UK aside, winning 2-0 with the red-hot Giovanni Fiorilli bagging his seventh league goal of the season already, from a dipping free-kick. Really McCoys overtook Brighton UK with their 7-1 humbling of Forever Black Plum, as Mangrove Pittas likewise flattened the in-administration headache, 8-0.

Grilled International would squeak a needed win against Livius International on Friday to begin with, with Wang Chu Chi finally making it 4-3, after the team had fallen behind thrice. There would be good news in the Battle for Division IV tournament too, as International whupped Croatian IV.33 contestants NK Croatia Karlovacko 5-1 for the week. Chua Jun Long and Zaini bin Hj Kaling completed their braces late, after Tommy Dongelmans' seventh minute header had been equalled by Karlovacko's Julio César Portillo.

"It's been a thoroughly good week, and we seldom get to say that." midfielder Sazwan bin Hj Muhd Salleh said. "We're aiming for more to come."

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