Grilled Birds 0 - 1 Lawrence, KS FC
League, Season 8231 July 2022 04:30 HTT
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Nigma Arises

There were not many positives for the over forty thousand Birds fans who had turned up at The Cooking Pot today, as Chan Ze Han apologized on behalf of the team. "Lawrence, KS FC had every right to play their way, and it was our job to break them down, which we didn't. I'm not going to try and hide that our attack isn't what it was, and these things take time to build back up."

III.11 champions TeamNigma then took the lead at the top of the table after they had requested a transfer here in place of kuack, who were thrashed 0-7 by Arrogancae after the switch. It wasn't as easy for TeamNigma, who had to work for their 5-3 away victory over fc.tower, but that positive two-goal difference would be enough for them to rise above all comers.

Mayuyu AKB48 would be next as they outdid Winnetou Reborn 2-1, as the visitors had a field day. Winnetou threatened a comeback as Tinguaro Nieva struck late, before prospective Australian youth international winger Levi Cockman suffered a wrenched elbow. Psyduck FC and HEBFC Tonners FC played out a one-all draw in the final fixture, in a nod to how competitive this series will likely be.

The EV would see off Farmer Bunnies by two goals to one despite their internal turmoil, with signs that the City-based club may be set to enter administration soon. Still, they retained enough organization and firepower to send the Buns packing despite Aitykul Zaripbekov's stellar 12th minute opener, with Naji Hatoum equalizing after heavy pressure through the first half. Giovanni Fiorilli then won it with a scrappy goal with ten minutes remaining, with Xue Kangfang - later injured - fluffing a good late opportunity.

That had the Buns in fifth, with Really McCoys taking an early lead with a 6-0 smashing of actually in-admin headache. Forever Black Plum would replicate The EV's 2-1 win over Heaven Skys, while Brighton UK would need Marek Żółkowski's injury-time winner, to edge Mangrove Pittas. Pittas midfielder Ziya Tunç Kurttekin had gone off in the 66th minute for a nasty-looking knee to the groin, but it was fortunately nothing permanent.

Grilled International's 2-4 result against Rohan was perhaps the biggest letdown of the lot, with International being technically best-positioned for honours, only for them to fall flat on their faces at home. Valentin-Alexandru Gheorghe started it off with a poach in the 21st after some confused marking, but it began to look up for the hosts, as Wang Hanxuan and Chua Jun Long then combined to claim the lead, with Chua moreover nearly making it 3-1 on great approach work by Tibor Atzenhain in the 36th minute.

That was the best it got for International, sadly, as Rohan's Romanian striker Sebastian Mihali turned it on with a stunning brace before half-time, the first of that an incredible first-time volley as Tommy Dongelmans tried to rid himself of the ball. Efforts towards another equalizer were for naught, despite Valentin-Alexandru Gheorghe sustaining a severe injury off Atzenhain, which saw Alejandro Rupérez come in. Marco Wunnerwarken then put Rohan up another goal, as Ilan Kramer came in from the left.

This left Grilled International in seventh, but the surprise of the day had to be The Sun men getting hammered 5-0 by Livius International - which didn't lift much criticism off Didi Reidenbach, it had to be said. The Swiss head coach would not even pretend to try searching for excuses. "Yeah, it was bad." he offered. "It should get better."

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