Moeinsingapore 7 - 2 Grilled Birds
League, Season 8119 June 2022 04:30 HTT
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MoeinsingaporeGrilled Birds
Yang Feng Da (38)
Abhishek Gupta (69)
Chua Chu Meng (79)
Antti Tallgren (83)
Yang Feng Da (85)
Yang Feng Da (87)
Antti Tallgren (89)
Chan Ze Han (33)
Chan Ze Han (35)

Season 81L3 - 7League
Season 80L3 - 4League
Season 80L4 - 2League

Moementary Disbelief
Ox Answers Chan

Grilled held themselves up brilliantly against Moeinsingapore for most of today's league fixture, even leading at half-time, but reality would come crashing hard upon them, late in the game. Moeinsingapore would wind up winning by five goals with the Birds imploding in spectacular fashion, although this was still not enough for them to escape the drop zone themselves.
Moeinsingapore's Czech head coach Jiří Rajtoral had been coming under fire already too, with his squad's weekly salary of near S$900,000 being the highest in the league, and some five times that of the Birds' reduced roster. Despite this, they had managed just two victories in the first ten league rounds, one of them of course a 3-7 at The Cooking Pot. Unlike then, Moeinsingapore would seek to play on the counter today, with René Leloup sitting deep; Vincent Wurmbrand and Antti Tallgren would go into the frontlines, with Abhishek Gupta and Chua Chu Meng assigned to tuck in from the wings.

The last meeting between the two is perhaps best remembered for Grilled going two up within six minutes, but for a time it seemed that the hosts were the more likely to recreate that feat. Gupta and Chua were scarce less effective wide men than they were narrow, and knew how to rotate with the nominal forwards to at-time devastating effect. This resulted in a constant stream of balls to Antti Tallgren, and only a deliberate packing of the box by the Birds, had them survive this concerted early assault.

The home team had maybe put a little too much of themselves in trying to break Grilled's defence early, though, what more with this 4-3-3 not one of their accustomed formations. Cracks began to show after half an hour, with their players having ironically done more running than usual despite being set up to counter, and Paulino Trindade would deliver from the right side in the 33rd minute. Jonas Soppa saw where the cross was going, but Chan Ze Han got there before him, and executed a technically-flawless flicked header in off the ground.

Goalkeeper Dariusz Rzepkowski could not be faulted for being unable to get to that one, and he could scarcely have done any better two minutes later, as Chan went at it again. The 33 year-old star had not gotten much service from his midfield, but sure made it count when it came. Mohd Marzuki Khairul finally squeezed one between the central defenders as Moeinsingapore were left slightly light-handed at the back in trying to equalize immediately, and Chan wrapped his foot around the ball right as Juan Camilo Rengifo arrived. The lob was as exquisite as his previous header, and soared inches over a stretching Rzepkowski, and dropped in under the crossbar.

This was a clear reminder of what Chan was capable of, with even a few amongst the opposition fans having to applaud his sheer artistry here. The pressure evidently got to Wurmbrand, who will now have to sit out against Club Dinosauria, after being booked for a rash and impatient challenge on Bhavya Panigrahi. Moeinsingapore would indeed grab a reducer soon, for that, with national star Yang Feng Da breaking clear on a counter. Tallgren might well have added another the next minute, but for Dimitris Germanakos fisting his powerful drive around the post.

A 2-1 lead was probably more than what the Grilled visitors had dared to hope for at half-time, but as the game went on with Moeinsingapore not making much progress, the Birds must have thought themselves possibly actually holding it to the end. Enrique Baena would add a different dimension against Chua too, after coming on for Trindade - but this happy confluence of circumstances would not last forever.

Moeinsingapore had a couple of levels left in reserve, as it turned out, and they struck with Grilled starting to gas out. John Kennea had not been doing too much from leftback, but that changed in an instant with a fifty-yarder dropped on the head of a pin, in the 69th minute. Aw Keng Chuan backpedalled to intercept but missed by a hair, and Abhishek Gupta would turn Gilbert Webb this way and that, before thrashing it home to tie it up.

That said, a draw would not have been a bad result for the Birds at this rate, but they were circling the drain fast. Lim and Khairul, while admirably active and busy for most of the match, had entirely failed to pace themselves, while for the veterans, they were simply no longer in top shape. Still, it was perhaps a mistake to try and push the issue in the 83rd minute, which merely led to a counter from which Tallgren finally scored. Gilbert Webb did have his moment off a corner in the next minute, but Bilal Mohammad Harun banged it off the outside of the right goalpost.

Kalki Parvathaneni's entry for Teo Chuan Yong didn't improve the Birds' odds, not after Yang Feng Da decided to take matters into his own hands. The Ox's vitality was in stark contrast to how Grilled's would-be defence was, and Bhavya Panigrahi's tired legs simply could not propel him as high as Yang with Gupta delivering from the right, which made it 5-2 in the 85th. The match wouldn't stop for Lim An Keng after he twisted his ankle on a divot on Moeinsingapore's next possession, which was also polished off by Yang for his fourth career hat-trick.

That wouldn't be the end of it either, with Italian referee Marcello Ceccanti deeming four minutes of injury time to be appropriate, after all the stoppages in the second half. Tallgren would take the opportunity to net another right after Prokop Mottl entered for Bilal, with the Birds having gambled in trying for a third, as they had done before.

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