-= Manchester United =- 5 - 6 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round of 16), Season 8012 January 2022 04:30 HTT
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Manchester 5 - 6 Grilled

54998 spectators had found their way to Tarpots Rec., despite the heavy rain. Miroslav Tůma was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Robert Golanski and Şerafettin Çiltanesi. The pitch was a disaster, due to all the rain. This spelled problems for the more sophisticated players, who usually could rely on speed or technique. For those relying on grit and strength, it actually meant an edge. The match took place on neutral ground. The following players had been chosen by Manchester: Tovtuk - Chin Chi, Abdul Rahman - Cruzul, Abbema, Powell, Fiore, Kulma-aho - Hetper, Dalen, Layous.

Grilled fielded: Salmiņš - Webb, Lunde - Kannan, Mohammad Harun, Carapaica, Chuan Yong, Parvathaneni - Mudaliar, Mazhud, Ze Han.

As the teams prepared to start the match, they both lined up in a 2-5-3 formation. Manchester seemed to prefer attacking in the middle, taking advantage of their divine (+3) (23) level with that tactic. Grilled mostly ignored the flanks in favour of their ability to attack in the middle, taking advantage of their divine (+3) (23) level with that tactic. Grilled players heard their coach's words ringing in their ears and steered their wing attacks to the middle instead. After 31 minutes, Grilled's Chan Ze Han made his way through the middle and nonchalantly placed the ball out of the keeper's reach, putting the visitors up 0 - 1. With the scoreboard showing that 32 minutes had been played, Grilled nearly put themselves up another goal after Vikram Mudaliar came through on the left. Fortunately for the home crowd, the keeper made the save. With a shot curled in from just outside the middle of the penalty area after 34 minutes played, Sim Chin Chi of Manchester made the score 1 - 1. Grilled's Kalki Parvathaneni managed to lose the defenders as he advanced down the right wing and scored, putting the visitors ahead after 36 minutes. 1 - 2. After the ball was lifted in from the left, Sølve Lunde was on his own in the home side's penalty area and should have scored after 38 minutes, but missed, probably due to lack of concentration. One of many good crosses from Aleixo Cruzul on the wing was received and skillfully taken care of by Christoffer Hetper, who scored for Manchester. 2 - 2 Grilled took the lead 41 minutes into the game, making the score 2 - 3 after some elegant movement down the middle. Bilal Mohammad Harun was the scorer. Halftime score was 2 - 3. Grilled enjoyed most of the ball, as they maintained 57 percent of possession.

Central attacks were the recipe of the day for Manchester, as they moved the ball from the wings to the middle with startling regularity. The crowd roared in delight as Horst Friedrich Dalen finished off a spectacular series of passes through the middle to even the score for Manchester 52 minutes into the match. 3 - 3. After 54 minutes, Christoffer Hetper was massaging his left knee with a worried look on his face, but managed to get up in the end. A mistake by the home side's central defence after 56 minutes allowed Shekar Kannan to score for Grilled. The scoreboard now read 3 - 4. 62 minutes into the match, Manchester's Christoffer Hetper maneuvered his way around the opposition on the left flank, delighting the crowd with his twists and turns. The effort paid off as the ball found the back of the net, evening the score at 4 - 4. After some beautiful movement down the left wing, Horst Friedrich Dalen scored for Manchester putting them ahead 5 - 4, after 78 minutes. 80 minutes into the match, the referee signalled for a Grilled substitution. Salah Kamel came on for Shekar Kannan. Having taken a hard knock between his legs, Aleixo Cruzul limped off the pitch in a reduced state of dignity. He could not continue, managing only 81 minutes for his team this day. Pierre-Étienne Marguet had already been warming up, and came on for Aleixo Cruzul. The Manchester captaincy was handed to Pierre-Étienne Marguet. The crowd was silenced 82 minutes into the match as the visiting team's Kalki Parvathaneni came in from the left, levelling the score to 5 - 5. The visiting Vikram Mudaliar was booed thoroughly by the home crowd 84 minutes into the game, after he broke through the middle and scored, resulting in the visitors taking the lead. 5 - 6 was the score. The referee showed Manchester's Christoffer Hetper the yellow card after a particularly nasty challenge. The players were tired, but when the referee announced that there would be 5 minutes of added time they, nonetheless, welcomed the extra opportunity to make an impact. The match ends 5 - 6. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by Grilled, with 57 percent of the ball.

Most important Manchester player was Izydor Tovtuk. However, Sim Chin Chi made a disastrous appearance. Grilled's best player was Abd Hadi Taib Mazhud. On the other hand, Kalki Parvathaneni's play was disheartening.

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