Atlethic Pi 0 - 6 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 3), Season 8029 December 2021 04:30 HTT
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Really Suriname

It was little more than a required job done for Hilal Bakhtiar, who stated that his happiest observation from the match was Bilal Mohammad Harun's reintegration into the team. "It's not a secret that we missed him very badly for long stretches of last season." the head coach declared. "He's not near a hundred percent yet, but he was still integral to the midfield, as we have just seen."

There were positive comments on Kalki Parvathaneni and Salah Kamel too. "Kalki was again one of a kind linking it all up on the right, and as for Kamel, his influence continues to grow. He will probably be the one the next generation of our middies will look up to, not long from now."

Farmer Bunnies advanced to the next round of the Ruby Challenger Cup with a 2-0 win in extra time against Geylang III.9 representatives Really McCoys, who had Swiss midfielder Philippe Ressler go off with a broken ankle after a tackle went badly for him, late in the game. The Buns had a few counters in regular time that didn't quite come off, but Lim Su Liang did the needful in the 97th minute, and Vitaliy Efendiev made sure with a penalty some seven minutes later.

McCoys would end the match with ten men after captain Hansueli Metzenbauer sent Miran Raulj sprawling with an uncalled-for shove to the back afterwards, which nearly flared into something a lot more serious. "That has to be an extra suspension." head coach Dalibor Kostadinović groused. "Can't have that in this day and age."

The day also saw somewhat disappointing news for 28 year-old Viet defender Nguyễn Văn Chương, who has reportedly been informed that he will not be considered for a return to the national squad for the near future. "It stings a little, but I will continue to work hard." he said.

Grilled International survived to the next round of the Hattrick International Cup too, as they outlasted Suriname IV.36 side Licom Suriname by five goals to three, with a late Ragib Banović brace fending off the opponents' attempted comeback. Spanish veteran Osertz Indurain will sit out the next game or two with a concussion, however, following Denzel Girjasing's messy challenge in the 71st minute.

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