Grilled Birds 7 - 0 Club Dinosauria
League, Season 8019 December 2021 04:30 HTT
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Atzenhain Eclipses Suns

This had to be accounted as a good start for Grilled by any standards, and Hilal Bakhtiar purred as he sang praises of the players. "When they are like this, they can take anyone on." the head coach said. "We just have to keep going like this."

Chan Ze Han couldn't help but take a friendly little dig at hat-trick hero Abd Hadi Taib Mazhud. "If I had known that POTY recognition would result in this, I'd have asked my relatives to vote for him myself!"

The 7-0 unsurprisingly had the Birds remain at the top of II.4, with SingaStyle rising to second on the back of their 4-0 crushing of Holland Village promotees Blacksail Team. Ramseille Volliard FC weren't far behind, with a Sergio Sonino brace into a 3-0 over Moeinsingapore. Last but not least, Arrogancae would take a point off Ang Mohs in flip flops, playing away.

Farmer Bunnies would have their own back against Kungfu 11 in Jurong, with Vitaliy Efendiev finding the decisive goal in the 16th minute, after some intelligent off-ball running from Mushtag Al-Nameeri. Dragon Devil's, H0u9ang R0ver5 and headache would however score more, if with headache's opponents Rain Walkers already going under from debt.

Richard Agyei, playing left wing today, thought that the Buns had dealt well with the hosts' pressing tactics. "We might not have created much, but they came nowhere close to scoring on us either. I'll take that against title rivals."

And as for Grilled International, their Friday opener had them on the verge of defeat as late as the 84th minute, before a terrific comeback from 1-3 down. Sazwan bin Hj Muhd Salleh's ugly force-in seemed little more than a consolation, but this would be followed by a clinical Tibor Atzenhain equalizer, right after Li Xin Chi's collapse in the middle of the pitch had thrown some of the participants into confusion. French referee Johann Cordier then incensed the traveling fans with a soft penalty call for contact on Hardi bin Besar, that had International steal it at the death.

That it even dragged this far after The Sun men's Mustafa El Arabi had been sent off in the 37th minute, didn't reflect well on International's readiness, and in all honesty they were entirely at Bashir Salah Eddin's mercy, for much of the match. The former Maldives youth international forward had the beating of Li and Indurain whenever he managed to single either one out, which resulted in two goals for himself by the time he was done.

Wang Chu Chi would take the result, all in all. "We won, we're in second a goal behind Al Khanal - what's not to like?"

The biggest price would be Li Xin Chi, then, as the versatile 25 year-old was written off for the next three weeks or so, after scans revealed a suspected thigh muscle tear on his right leg. "He did his part bravely." player-coach Didi Reidenbach, who personally subbed in for Li, noted. "And it brought us victory."

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