Madriz C.F. 0 - 2 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 7912 December 2021 23:40 HTT
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Lundersella Whack Farmer

Friendly aside, the Grilled supporters appeared a lot more concerned that Hilal Bakhtiar had not made any moves in the transfer market as the end of the season approached, with no indication that he was even considering it. The head coach would frustratingly ignore the issue as he droned on in the post-game interview, with more of the usual platitudes.

"We're sorting it out on the personnel front." he finally hinted. "But don't expect too many changes, we still have a squad that's capable of challenging in both league and cup."

Farmer Bunnies would also face a newly-promoted Division Three club, but Tanzania's Lundersella t'Aa would wind up bossing them around at Carrot Field, with 18 year-old forward Benito Malangalila scoring the winner in the 60th minute, after coming on as a sub in the first half. Trainee Mike Mramba had been doing quite well before that actually, even winning a header against Richard Agyei from a corner from a disadvantaged position, but he would twist his left ankle in trying to recover too quickly.

Visiting goalkeeper John Joseph would further deny late finishes from Vishnu Tallapaka and Lim Su Liang, and again as with the Birds, the fans are fearing that their team is simply aiming to tread water for the coming season. "I understand transition, but there's next to no action going on." one of them was heard to complain, as he left the stadium.

Grilled International would reward their diehards with a deluge of goals at least, as they swamped visiting Qatari III.12 side Porotos And Riendas FC - who did however bag four themselves, in a rockin' 8-4 at Burung. Helmy Syamsuzaman's raw potential would sparkle forth in the first half as he scored twice in quick succession, only for Porotos to bring it from 1-3 back to 3-3, in the next two minutes.

Arcadi Sansalvador gave International the lead at half-time with an adroit dribble in from deep in the 41st minute, and they would then go on to dominate the remainder of the match. There would be minor injuries for both the visitors' Matthew Wisman and International's Tibor Atzenhain, but fortunately neither were found to be serious.

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