Les civettes pompettes 3 - 5 [a.e.t] Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 7908 December 2021 18:55 HTT
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Ninety Thousand Reasons

Hilal Bakhtiar would maintain an unusual reticence to comment after taking stock of his options once again, but the current hot topic amongst the fans has become Heng Dong Chu's position at the club. Brought in at great expense to hold down the left wing spot, Heng has instead been overshadowed at every turn by converted centre-forward Kalki Parvathaneni, with today just the latest in a long string of uncharitable comparisons.

"At this point, Heng's biggest advantage seems that he's three years younger, and may be able to wait it out." club supporter Vishwant Mallick opined. "I can't say that's easy for him to take."

Farmer Bunnies' troubles would carry on as their toothless attack again reared its ugly head against former El Salvador Copa Presidente holders and Liga Mayor runners-up Greñudos Locos, who tamed them 2-1 in extra time. Vitaliy Efendiev would be all but shut down in a static 5-4-1, and it was left to Lim Su Liang to secure the goods in the 63rd minute, after a speculative forty-yard dash. Bernardo Salvi would head a cross home as the visitors attacked desperately towards the end, however, and Jonas Tjäderquist wound up winning it with a flash of genius in the 102nd.

The friendly also saw 18 year-old Demitri Liu twist his left ankle midway through the first half, as he tried to provide a spark at right wing. Fortunately, it was nothing serious, and to be frank Djoko Tambusai probably did an appreciably better job at that anyway, with him providing Efendiev's best opportunity of the day, two minutes before the break.

No sweat for Grilled International, who blasted their way through Mongolian III.10 side Ulan Apes 90000, seven goals to nil. Wang Chu Chi, Wang Hanxuan and Sazwan bin Hj Muhd Salleh both struck twice, with Safari bin Hj Jali making up the numbers, and the biggest wonder was how there wasn't a hat-trick here. Ariunbold Batjargal did display some spunk throughout, but there simply wasn't support from his teammates for a consolation goal.

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