Team Boba 0 - 5 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 3), Season 7908 September 2021 04:30 HTT
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Jumanji Grasps Viktorie

Job accomplished for Grilled, who got out of this cup fixture with no new injuries and a single yellow card. Team Boba's players appeared to take the loss well enough, with much mingling between both sets of players after the game. This left them to contest against newbies are newbies in the Sapphire Challenger Cup, and the Birds to take on newbies' conquerors and former Singapore Consolation Cup victors FC Sattarian Island, in the fourth round.

The Birds will not be joined by Farmer Bunnies, who were entirely overwhelmed by II.2 competitors WNBN Architecture, losing by six goals to nil. German striker Boris Mohrenberg absolutely terrorized a makeshift Buns defence with a hat-trick, and although Farmer created a couple of decent breakaways, neither Sunil Patel nor Jerad Meyer were up to polishing them off.

And the day before in the Czech Republic, Grilled International captain Safari bin Hj Jali had dragged his team across the finish line against IV.20 opponents Afk Viktorie Žižkov in the Hattrick International Cup. Things were looking bleak after Eduard Jech and Duccio Paneghini gave Viktorie a 2-0 lead at the interval, the latter through a magnificent thirty-yard free-kick. Chua Jun Long might have gotten one back in the 76th with a dinky lob, but from how International had struggled to create, this looked destined to be but a little souvenir of no import.

Safari was having none of that, however, and he would force his way inside in the 80th minute to equalize. A dramatic final five minutes saw Maciej Mus make big stops off Ragib Banović and Tommy Dongelmans as International finally hit their stride, but Viktorie appeared to have stabilized in extra time, with Jens Lares nearly putting them ahead from a Kaldewei cross, in fact. At this, Safari would explode once more, and by the time the dust settled, it was 4-2 Grilled International on a Safari bin Hj Jali hat-trick.

Subhi bin Hj Ahmad had been sent off in the meantime for his second yellow due to a late tackle on Lares, but the day was International's, and in particular Safari's. "That's our Captain Fantastic." Wang Hanxuan grinned, shaking his head. "There's no keeping him down when he's like that."

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    Jumanji Grasps Viktorie
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