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Tanglin Rangers 0 - 4 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 2), Season 1909 April 2003 04:30 HTT
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Tanglin RangersGrilled Birds
Ricard Machado (26)
Chai Yew-Hoe (29)
Ding Sun-Nee (32)
Tim Hobson (57)

Range Shot Up
Chai In

The Birds found Tanglin Rangers rather easier opponents than the East Coast Rovers, and romped to a straightforward win in the midweek Cup game.
The Rangers side was composed mainly of middle-aged men, whom found themselves outmatched in all respects by Grilled's representatives. Once again, Grilled were faced by a competent goalkeeper in veteran Won Van-Khai, but he faded badly after saving Chen's eighth minute attempt.

The Rangers' Shuo Shih-hsiung appeared affected by his yellow card for tripping Magnusson, and let the Swede through without trying the next time the two met. Magnusson wasted no time in picking out Machado's run, and Van-Khai stayed on his line to allow the Spaniard a simple finish.

Magnusson got a second assist in three minutes, as he staked out the corner flag before pumping in a long cross that Chai Yew-Hoe met head-on to give Van-Khai zero chance. Ding Sun-Nee had the match wrapped up soon after the half-hour mark with a dipping volley that was unquestionably the goal of the game.

Grilled stepped their efforts down a notch after that, but ended up dominating more than ever as the Rangers players gave up. Their defender Qi Wan-Wai however did deny Tuan-Mu a free goal, by hacking the latter's shot off the goalline.

After a cringe-inducing attempt by Machado to con a penalty out of the referee was punished by a yellow card, Grilled got a fourth through the ever-dependable Tim Hobson, who knew just what to do after he received the ball fifteen yards from goal.

Chen then got a silly yellow card for arguing with the linesman, before Chai Yew-Hoe gave the hosts a great chance to bag a consolation, which was however not taken up.

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