Marina Sailors 1 - 3 Grilled Birds
Cup Quarterfinals, Season 7628 October 2020 04:30 HTT
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Villians Sendoff

When the dust had settled from the quarterfinals, the Singapore Cup would be left as an all S-League affair, with Sarcastic Fringeheads, Haha and UDNTK FC joining the Birds in the semis. Fringeheads had of course been beaten in the semi-finals by Grilled in the previous edition - spoiling their bid for a fourth straight trophy - and from how they schooled -= Manchester United =- today, they have prepared themselves for possible revenge.

"We will have to think very hard about how to approach them in the finals, if it comes down to that." head coach Eren Serpin confessed. "But for now, they're Haha's problem."

Haha is, of course, the only local club to best the Birds thus far this season, but they had to survive a penalty shootout against ambitious Division Two club, Galactic Eagles CF. After his second-minute miss from the spot, Aw Tian Jin would not be called for the shootout for Haha, and Carlos Andino's saves off Lam Chang Eng and Aaron Lau were enough - despite the Argentine goalkeeper flubbing his own attempt.

Grilled's semis opponent will then be UDNTK FC, who they have recently bossed 6-2 at home; while probably the preferred option out of the remaining three, UDNTK showed good character to outlast Club Dinosauria in extra time, where they dominated with Joan Carda surging through for the winner. "We have to respect that drive." Serpin noted. "They won't make it easy at all, I'm certain of that."

For Farmer Bunnies, it was alas the end of an era, as their quest for one final honour was stopped by III.14 side, Villains F.C.; perhaps in a sign of their decline, they were essentially outdone at their own game, as the Villians blended defence and width together rather more dynamically. Wong Jian Yew and Yujiro Murai struck in a disappointingly-tame contest, that had the Buns creating next to nothing.

Serbian gaffer Dalibor Kostadinović could do nothing but bow to the inevitable. "There's no reason to delay what has to be done, any longer. The club has to look to the future, and it'll take time."

Before that, Grilled International had advanced to the fifth round of the H.I. Ruby Challenger Cup, though they had to survive a rally from Luxembourg's La Bestia Negra CF. It was all the III.3 club after Fausto Perono's sending-off in the 69th minute, and Dan Mihali's 82nd minute goal made it a nervous close-out for International. Somehow, they made it out without further incident, for a 3-2 win.

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