Grilled Birds 4 - 3 Club Dinosauria
League, Season 7625 October 2020 04:30 HTT
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Habits Of Champions

One had to give it to Chan the way he managed to simply raise his arms after that magnificent last-gasp winner, even as he got mobbed by ebullient teammates, with the fans going crazy all around. "That's just him." Neeraj Muthyala smiled, in his post-game comments. "He's the sort of guy who will just stop in training and point at the corner flag or a basket or something, and go on to hit it from over thirty yards. Well, three of four times out of five anyway. You get used to it."

While Chan's other teammates had the same superlatives in store, the man of the moment very humbly gave them their due too. "Kalle built the foundation, really, and we were all watching out for each other out there."

In any case, the Birds would have fallen behind Fringeheads were it not for that goal, with them seeing off a struggling Singapore Big Dogs 3-0. Club Dinosauria dropped off to third, with The EV entering the top four by upsetting Haha 3-2, despite playing away. Mariusz Grott equalized twice for Haha, but The EV could even afford a penalty miss, before Alois Štajer took it home in the 71st minute. Bot Team FC took their Singapore Cup loss in stride too, as they saw UDNTK FC off, 2-0.

It was more of the same for Farmer Bunnies, as they whupped Holland-based 10G3NT at Carrot Field by six clear goals, with both Wong Ting Yew and Mushtag Al-Nameeri collecting two each. Tham Leng Teck and Kwek Yun Jie made up the rest of the scoresheet, with 10G3NT also having to deal with a late ankle injury to winger Kota Watanabe.

There might be a long wait for Kang Kong to slip up, though, as they saw off a strong Sim(TM) challenge, and held out to a 3-2 away victory thanks to Cătălin Bălăucă's opening brace. Guru United kept up with the Buns on twelve points as they similarly smashed their opponents Dream Seals for six, while Pegasus SC got their first win of the season, a 6-1 surprise over The Red Bomb.

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